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Pieces of art...
Kunz Axe, Olmec, Formative, 800-500BC
Olmec, Colossal Heads-Early Formative, c.1000BC
El Manati, Olmec , Wooden Busts, c.1200-1000BC
El Azuzul, Tableau of Olmec Figures and Jaguars
Olmec, Greenstone, Las Limas Figure, Formative, C.800BC
Olmec, The Wrestler, Early Formative
Matthew Stirling, Olmec Altar/Throne 5
Olmec, Altar /Throne 4,front and Side
Olmec, Relief with Figure and Serpent
Olmec, Kneeling Figure with Incised Toad Design
Olmec, Standing Figure with Supernatural Effigy/Were Jaguar Baby, c.800-500BC
Olmec Masks-Mask with Incisions and Deity Mask, 900-600BC
La Venta Offering 4,
Olmec, Tlatilco Burial and Ceramic Acrobat Figure, c 1000BC
Olmec, Seated Hollow Figure, C.1200-900BC