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  1. Irving Berlin's songs
  2. how Times Square got its name
  3. harlequin
  4. Pseudolous
  5. first accidental American musical
  1. a White Christmas, God Bless America, No Business Like Show Business, What'll I do?, Puttin' on the Ritz, Annie Get Your Gun
  2. b New York Times established their head quarters there
  3. c The Black Crook 1866
  4. d clown, servant (I Love Lucy)
  5. e cunning but goofy slave who wants his freedom and is hungry and horney and is responsible for all the plot complications who are at the heart of the plot

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  1. American, henry pastor
  2. radio personality who coined many famous phrases from musical theatre
  3. scandalous in the day (like our rap music)
  4. Zeus and Semali
  5. Amos in Chicago

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  1. Jingoismextreme patriotism/national pride


  2. Mae Weststarted off as a stripper in burlseque- sexy one-liner


  3. Henry E. Dixeycould perform both comedy sketches and torch songs- subject of 1960s era musical Funny Girl (starring Barbara Streisand) sassy comedian that sang


  4. wandering mistrels/troubadoursmade theatre live on


  5. Bert Williams' characterMr. Nobody