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  1. Gershwins did what
  2. what ruined cohan's career
  3. The Black Crook- who
  4. Showboat- what and who
  5. Ragtime
  1. a William Wheatley
  2. b formed bridge between Jazz and classical to create unique sound
  3. c first book musical; Hammerstein, Kern, and Ziegfeld did it
  4. d didn't wanted to join the Actors Equity union
  5. e scandalous in the day (like our rap music)

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  1. Minstrel shows, M.C., Spoofing, Cross-dressing, Double Act
  2. upper middle class, george=composer and ira= lyricist
  3. clown, servant (I Love Lucy)
  4. influenced comic operetta; set out to satirize English culture, specifically the military influence and upper class- PERFECTED OPERETTA
  5. guy in the middle of the minstrel show line, dressed in all white, master of ceremonies, job was to pose questions to Mr. Bones and Mr. Tambo

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  1. Gypsy Rose Leecomedian and dancer, strip tease- created the G-string, ect


  2. Commedia Del' Artemake a show appropriate for families to go to- made Vaudeville


  3. Nora Bayespredecessor to dinner theatre, get food and a show, saloons


  4. Eugene Sandowlead comic in burlesque show


  5. in tin pan alley the American Society of Composers and Publishers did whatmade copyright laws


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