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  1. Irving Berlin
  2. impressario extrandrdinaire
  3. Minstrel shows
  4. Joplin was awarded what award
  5. 4 functions of the greek chorus
  1. a son of Russian Jews, self-taught musician, wrote American songs
  2. b he is great at creating something out of nothing, high fashion
  3. c white entertainers, mostly Irish, dressed as black men
  4. d Pultizer Prize for Music
  5. e mirror reactions of the audience; plot exposition; moderate balance of extreme behaviors of characters; draw conclusions/provide foreshadowing

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  1. sung dialogue, talking on pitch, usually accompanied by only a few orchestral voices
  2. patriotic actor in Vaudeville
  3. words to the song
  4. ballerinas that came in and became part of the Black Crook
  5. Zeus and Semali

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  1. a piano in every home became whatlower, working middle class


  2. satire in operaGrand Opera was inevitable, which led to split between Grand opera and Opera comique


  3. who exhibited a lot of JingoismGeorge Cohan


  4. Opera invented byItalian Renaissance by artists who believed they were recreating Greek tragic style, fused with drama


  5. Amadeusfamous roman playwright, all three plays had massive influence