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  1. George white introduced
  2. Tiring house
  3. Folies Bergere
  4. Bragging Warriors
  5. Walter winchell
  1. a Follies in france- where he found Anna Held
  2. b The Charleston and The Black Bottom, Runnin' Wild
  3. c radio personality who coined many famous phrases from musical theatre
  4. d place for musicians to sit and play
  5. e Gaustan

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  1. William Wheatley
  2. pompous academic, quack doctor
  3. official start of western theatre and music as part of theatre
  4. Master of ceremonies; spoofing popular songs with rewitten lyrics, cross-dressing, double act
  5. flapper culture, emancipation of women, prohibition, speakeasy

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  1. satire in operaheroic stories, historical and mythical characters, large casts, vast orchestras, elaborate spectacle, 4-5 acts long


  2. Songs in Pirates of Penzancescrooge, grinch, scar


  3. The Black Crook's biggest drawwas thought to be a fail but the ballerina's theatre was burned down so they put the play into one and it became a big sucess


  4. minstrel showsfunny man & straight man


  5. Tin Pan Alley- locatedsheet music