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  1. Minstrel shows
  2. Council of Carthage
  3. lyrics
  4. Mae West
  5. Virginal Ingenues
  1. a Laurie in Oklahoma
  2. b 298 AD- ended western theatre, decreed by Catholic church excommunicating actors
  3. c words to the song
  4. d white entertainers, mostly Irish, dressed as black men
  5. e started off as a stripper in burlseque- sexy one-liner

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  1. before anna held, body builder/muscle man, man eating tiger was the fall out
  2. changed the way women were perceived on stage-seen as sexual, drinking, ect (cheif legacy) and also changed the way guys were seen- muscular
  3. patriotic actor in Vaudeville
  4. American, henry pastor
  5. narrative driven, songs must serve the forward arc of story, follows a plot structure

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  1. Dionysus rites and festivalsTopsy Turvy, H.M.S Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance


  2. Lazzicomic bits of business


  3. Tiring houseplace for musicians to sit and play


  4. Gershwins did whatformed bridge between Jazz and classical to create unique sound


  5. satire in operahalf man, half goat, satire, mockery of foolish; target today and back then = politicians