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  1. Plautus' 3 plays
  2. Ragtime
  3. follies
  4. ARIA
  5. Garrick Gaieties
  1. a behind every great man is a woman, master of fake publicity
  2. b made by the Theatre Guild to raise money
  3. c Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus, The Twin Menaechmi
  4. d the song sung by the principle characters
  5. e scandalous in the day (like our rap music)

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  1. make a show appropriate for families to go to- made Vaudeville
  2. "Bicycle Built for Two"
  3. sensor ship, cutting something out of the song/dialogue to make it more appropriate
  4. British composer/lyricist team who perfected the Operetta, a lighthearted musical comedy that is mostly sung. They also invented the Patter song.
  5. The Charleston and The Black Bottom, Runnin' Wild

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  1. Tin Pan Alley- locatedWest 28th St. between Broaday and 6th Avenue


  2. Puttin' on the Ritz was satirized inNew York Times established their head quarters there


  3. why did henry pastor create vaudevilleheadlined in Lady Be Good & Funny Face, brother and sister dancing duo


  4. Walter winchelldirty old man


  5. Gilbertword part