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  1. 4 functions of the greek chorus
  2. Puttin' on the Ritz was satirized in
  3. Ginger Rogers
  4. Commedia Del' Arte
  5. famous vaudeville performers
  1. a 1500-1700- came into being Italian improvisational comedy sketches with stock characters- no script, just plot lines
  2. b mirror reactions of the audience; plot exposition; moderate balance of extreme behaviors of characters; draw conclusions/provide foreshadowing
  3. c George M. Cohan and Judy Garland
  4. d Young Frankenstein
  5. e often paired with Astaire in film career

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  1. New York Times established their head quarters there
  2. ballerinas that came in and became part of the Black Crook
  3. Funny Thing Happened on Way to Forum
  4. highest honor, appeared close to closing, usually a singer or comedian
  5. Italian Renaissance by artists who believed they were recreating Greek tragic style, fused with drama

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  1. American Influence on theatre (20th century)Minstrel shows, M.C., Spoofing, Cross-dressing, Double Act


  2. Scott Joplin's biggest successesMaple Leaf Rag, The Entertainer


  3. scorefirst opera composer to challenge some of the traditions- one of the first in comic opera


  4. Dionysus is son ofmen dressing as women


  5. cunning slavesservant, best friend, I Love Lucy