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  1. Festival of Dionysus
  2. Walter winchell
  3. example of cuckoldry
  4. bert lahr
  5. Cross dressing
  1. a out of the ancient rituals into ditherams (sung, danced, chanted fertility ritual to reach a point of ecstasy)
  2. b radio personality who coined many famous phrases from musical theatre
  3. c men dressing as women
  4. d Amos in Chicago
  5. e started in Burlesque like many other famous people (cowardly lion)

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  1. make a show appropriate for families to go to- made Vaudeville
  2. 298 AD- ended western theatre, decreed by Catholic church excommunicating actors
  3. Rodgers and Hart with their "Manhattan"
  4. West 28th St. between Broaday and 6th Avenue
  5. trained by a german music teacher who taught him classical music

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  1. book or librettoword part


  2. Puttin' On the Ritz- sang byall black musical that introduced the dance craze The Charleston


  3. The Black Crook's biggest drawWhite Christmas, God Bless America, No Business Like Show Business, What'll I do?, Puttin' on the Ritz, Annie Get Your Gun


  4. Longacre Squareoften paired with Astaire in film career


  5. Bert Williams' famous songI'm Nothing to No One"