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  1. The Pirates of Penzance
  2. Joplin was awarded what award
  3. honest young men
  4. Satyr plays
  5. dominant trait characters
  1. a heroic innocent- Raul in Phantom of the Opera
  2. b dominated by one personality trait (shhhhing librarian)
  3. c half man, half goat, satire, mockery of foolish; target today and back then = politicians
  4. d Pultizer Prize for Music
  5. e satire on British army/English culture- this is a patter song

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  1. ribald humor, sexual innuendo, scanitly clad women, pushed boundaries
  2. part of american culture so that you could sing parlor songs and buy sheet music
  3. official start of western theatre and music as part of theatre
  4. thematic/atmospheric driven, atmosphere and style are more important than plot
  5. Comedy of Errors

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  1. Pseudolousfamous roman playwright, all three plays had massive influence


  2. Technologies that altered popularity of broadwaysexual slaves, hookers with a heart of gold- Sweet Charity and Pretty Woman


  3. Miles Gloriosuscunning but goofy slave who wants his freedom and is hungry and horney and is responsible for all the plot complications who are at the heart of the plot


  4. what ruined cohan's careerdidn't wanted to join the Actors Equity union


  5. opera originsrecitative, aria, grand opera, mozart, satire


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