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enjambmentcontinuation of a sentence without pause at the endexplicateanalyze in detailfigurative langaugelanguage used to create special effectfooteach unit of repetitionformconventional(fixed or closed): the physical arrangement of words in a poemformorganic (irregular or open) other types of patterning in poetry from rhyme to design in traditional poemsfree versepoetry without structure/meter and doesn't rhymehyperboleexaggerations not meant to be taken literallyimageryvisually descriptive languagelyric poempoem of songlike qualitymetaphorcomparison of two things without using "like" or "as"meteriamb: u/ trochee: /u anapest: uu/ dactyl: /uu monometer: 1 dimeter: 2 trimeter:3 tetrameter: 4 pentameter: 5 hexameter: 6moodfeeling a reader gets from a textonomatopoeiaword that relates to a sound associated with its namedparallelismcorresponding in some way; same grammatical structure to relate different ideas that relate to a topic (type of repetition)personificationgiving human-like qualities to inanimate objectsprotest poetryto go against established values/ideasrepetitionrestating something that has already been said or writtenrhymeinternal rhyme: occurs within middle of linerhymeend rhyme: rhyme at end of sentence/linerhyme schemeorder of rhyme patternrhythmorder of rhyme pattern; A musical quality produced by the repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables (meter) or by the repetition of words and phrases or even whole lines or sentencescansionscanning a line to determine rhythmsimilecomparison using "like" or "as" of one thing to a different kindslant rhymewords that almost rhyme, but do not reallysound devicesused to convey/reinforce meaning or experience though use of soundsstanzagroup of lines that form versesstructurearrangement or organizationstyleway of using languagethemesubject of a piece of writingtonethe feeling the author creates in a text