Cells Test 5th grade

31 terms by lydiarogers

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function - contains chemicals that help the cell stay healthy

Cell Wall

function - protects the plant cell and helps it keep its shape.

Cell Membrane

function - controls waht gets into and out of the cell.


function - control center of the cell (like our brain)


function - made up of DNA

Endoplasmic Reticulum

function - important in the synthesis and packaging of proteins.


function - known as the powerhouse of the cell. Creates energy for the cell.


function - stores food and nutrients. (think vacuum cleaner)


function - food producers; photosynthesis takes place here.


function - protein builders of the cell


description: fluid that fills cells

cell membrane

description: like a big plastic bag with some tiny holes

cell membrane

location - surrounds the cell

cell wall

description: small holes in the wall let nutrients and waste pass through

cell wall

location - surrounds the plant cell

nucleus membrane

description: like a plastice bag with holes in it.

nucleus membrane

location - surrounds the nucleus


description: big dark spot on center of the cytoplasm


location - usually found in the center of a cell


description: structure of fluid containing nutrients or waste


location - strorage bubbles found throughout cell


description: looks like long limp hot dogs; found in pairs


location - found in the nucleus of the cell

endoplasmic reticulum

description: Rough looks like tubes with black bumps. Smooth just look like curvy tubes

endoplasmic reticulum

location - near the nucleus of the cell


description: very small organelles


location - found floating throughout the cytoplasm


description: looks like tiny black bumps


location - sometimes found floating in cytoplasm others are found attached to ER


description: are green, oval organelles that contain chlorophyll


location - only found in plant cells.

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