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idea of Neolithic period- c.5000-2000 BCE; idea that there are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit world

Yangshao Culture

(culture) c. 5000-3000 B.C; simple burials furnished with painted pottery: pictorial representations of animals, semi subterranean house ceramic vessels; ground buildings are facing open are in middle, ditch surrounds exterior

Jade Suit

Tomb of Liusheng at Mancheng, Hebei (d. 113 BCE), Western Han Dynasty; jade represented heaven-->immortality

Hunting hu

bronze vessels- animal motifs, intricate patterns, fights with fierce beasts, geometric decorations; Zhou State Art (c. 1050-256 BCE) Bronze Age

Mask Wearing

Neolithic/Early Bronze Age-c. 5000-2000 BCE Hongshan/Zhou Culture; Local sacrificial worship, fertility rite; helpers of shamans in the task of communication between heaven and earth, the spirits and the living

Sichuan Tomb Tiles

Eastern Han Dynasty (206 BCE-221 CCE); daily life represented in it; procuring food represented; landscape made survival possible

Xi He

Critic who set the six principles/canons by which paintings, and painters, are to be judged

Oracle Bones

Early Bronze Age, Shang (Yin) Dynasty (c. 1766-1122 or 1500-1050 BCE); inscriptions on them relate chiefly to agriculture, war, hunting, the weather, journeys, the all-important sacrifices by which the ruler attuned himself to the will of heaven and concern about the succession


(Bright Hall); capital of Han, at Chang'an; Western Han Period (206-221 BCE); Zhou ceremonial buildings- a many roomed square structure (earth) surrounded by a circular enclosure (heaven)


Liangzhu culture; symbol of heaven


Ziangzhu culture; symbol of earth

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