Terms & Definitions for Football

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Quarter Back
Passes or hands-off the ball to other players on the team in attempt to make completions and move down field to score. Usually is very athletic and has a good arm.
Running back
player lined up behind the QB who rushes with the ball
Tight End
He lines up next to Offensive line men
He blocks and catches the football
Offensive Lineman
a player that blocks, is not allowed to catch and plays at tackle, guard or center. Tackle and Guard have left and right positions
He hikes and blocks the ball
A running back that lines up behind the quarter back
He blocks for the quarter back
Wide Receiver
The wide receiver lines up on the line of scrimmage towards the sidelines and runs patterns in ordr to get open for a pass
Defensive Tackle
The inner two members of the defensive line, whose jobs are to maintain their positions in order to stop a running play or to run through a gap in the offensive line to pressure the quarterback or disrupt the backfield formation.
Defensive End
He faces the offensive tackle
line up behind defensive lineman; defend the run, rush (QB), or cover (RB)/(WR)
Corner Back
CB. They line up across from WR's and they mostly cover them to prevent complete passes, and try to intercept the ball. Occasionally they will rush the QB.
helps corner backs and prevents offense from scoring
Defensive player tackles quarterback behind the line of scrimmage (behind the center player)
A kick in which the ball is dropped and kicked before it reaches the ground. Used to give up the ball to the opposition after offensive downs have been used, as far down the field as possible.
The way to start the game in the beginning and second half
Defensive player catches quarterback pass
Any attempt to move the ball down the field
False Start
Offensive player moves before the ball is hiked
Doesn't't count against quarterback, running back, receivers
5 yard penalty backwards
Pass interference
When the ball is the air you can not touch any player trying to catch the ball
10 yard penalty (offensive)
Off sides
Defensive player steps across the line of scrimmage before ball is hiked and makes contact with the offensive player
Holding /Illegal use of hands
Can not make contact with receivers 5 yard zone
5 yard penalty and first down
Spearing /Facemask/Holding
You can not tackle someone helmet first
15 yard penalty
Delay of game
Team has to start the play within a number of seconds
5 yard penalty
Unsportsmanlike conduct /unnecessary roughness
Player or coach can not argue with officials
15 yard penalty
Illegal substitution/Too many men on the field
Players can only enter game when told to do so
Can only have 11 players on the field
5 yard penalty
Offensive Teams can score by
Score touchdowns
-6 points
Extra point(happens after touch down)
-Successfully kicking the ball through the goal posts
-1 point
2 point conversion
No touch down
-Field goals from anywhere on the field worth 3 points
Defensive Team can score by
Safety (Happens when the offensive team is tackled in their own end zone)
-2 points
Line of Scrimmage
an imaginary line across the width of the field that marks where a previous play just ended and a new play must start
Neutral Zone
An Imaginary area under the center that is hiking the ball
End Zone
Twoo on one football field
6 Points received when touch down scored