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a special preparation made from microorganisms that is administered to a person to have increased immunity to a disease


the quantity to be administered at one time


administration of a vaccine or toxid to protect susceptible individuals from infectious disease

informed consent

explaining the risks and benifits of an immunization


most common method of sterilizing equipment and instruments


surgical removal of tissue for later microscopic examination


collection of pus as a result to infection


jagged open wound in the skin


removal of dead tissue from a wound


suture meaterials


loss of sensation


medication that causes anethesia


surgical wound from cutting body tissue


surgical stitches


deep wound from sharp object

sterile field

area free of microorganisms that will be used as a work area during a surgical procedure

mayo stand

a movable stainless steel instrument tray on a stand

sterilization indicator

confirms that items in the autoclave have been exposed to the right temp, correct volume of steam, and correct time.

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