Test 4 Mythology

48 terms by lpelster14

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son of the sun god; drives his father's chariot and looses control; plunges into sea


sun god; swears by the river styx


Phaethon's mortal mother


winged horse- sprung from Medusa's blood; kick Bellerphon off when he wants to go to Olympus


father is Poseidon; with the help of Pegasus-- kills Chimaera


head of lion; body of goat; tail of snake; breathes fire


in the underworld, must role a bolder up a hilll, when he gets to top, roles back down; does thisfor the rest of his life because he betrayed a secret of Zeus


creates the Labrynthk,designs wings for Icarus, his son


Daedalus' son; doesn't listen to father's advice, flies to close to the sun, falls, & drowns


son of Zeus & Danae; kills Medusa with the help of Athena and Hermes


Persus' mortal mother; Zeus appears to her in a golden shower


Evil king who wants to marry Danae; inspires Perseus to get Medusa's head

King Acrisius

Danae's father; told by oracle at Delphi, his son will kill him; builds underground home for Danae; Perseus- does kill him (on accident)


fishermen- adopts Danae and Perseus


mortal Gorgon who is killled by Perseus; her look turns men to stone


two gods who helps Perseis on his quest to kill Medusa


gives Perseus a sword


gives Perseus aegis to use as a mirror-- so he doesn't look at Medusa's face

Gray Women

share one eye; tell Perseus where Nymphs of the North live


Perseus falls in love with her; Perseus cuts off sea monster head with Hermes sword; son-- Hercules


greates hro of Athens; kills the minotaur; one of a few mortals who can go to underworld and come back out


king of Athens; Theseus' father; jumps into Aegon sea when he sees black on his son's ship


greatest hero of Greece; Theseus' son


King Minos' island


half bull; half man; ears virgins; killed by Perseus


Minos' wife; falls in love with Poseidon's bull, mother to the Minotaur


maze where the minotaur lives


Minos' daughter; learns secret of Labyrinth; secret= tie the string and follow it


designer of the Labyrinth


half horse, half man, drunk and try to carry Pirithous; kills her


THeseus' best friend who goes to the Underworld to steal Persephone

Chair of Forgetfulness

sit in it-- forget everything, punishment of Pirithous and Theseus


Theseus wife, falls in love with step soon; writes a not saying Hipppolytus violated her; kills herself


THeseus' son; devotes life to Artemis; accused of raping his step-mother, Phaedra; died because Aphrodite's hate


greatest hero of Greece; son of Zeus; 12 labors; tries to die on funeral pyre (bonfire); ascends to Olympus; marries Hebe


Gercules' step-father; Iphicle's father


Hecules' mothal mohter

Princess Megara

Hercules' wife; mother of 3 children; Hercules kills her and children because of Hera

King Eurystheus

gives Hercules the twelve labors

Nemean Lion

killed by Hercules; skins coat and wears it


12 labors of Hercules-- 9 headed monster that Hercules kills with Iolaus' help


gives Hercules a brand; Hercules cutts off neck and sears neck so new head cannot pop out

Aegean stables

Hercules cleans these; by running two raging river through them

*Stymphalion birds

has help- birds hide, Athena scares them out of their cage; Hercules shoots them with a bow and arrow

King Diomedes

kills enemies; feeds flesh to his horses

Golden Apples of the Hesperides

Atlas gets apples from his daughters Hercules; holds world on his shoulders


wife of Hercules; sends him the robe soaked in centuars blood; cause's Hercules' "death" (goes to Mt. Olympus)


Hercules imortal wife; cupbearer to gods

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