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Ependymal cells

lines ventricles and central canal of spinal cord where CSF circulates
have cilia to help CSF circulate
could possibly have neuron producing stem cells

choroid plexus

specialized ependymal cells
produce CSF


largest/ most numerous neuroglia
gives a structural framework for neurons w/in the CNS
star shaped structure
create Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
wrap around capillaries to allow certain substances to enter brain ISF
regulates the ISF concentration of ions


wrap CNS axons in a myelin sheath,
one can wrap several axons
myelin sheath is high in lipid content

White Matter

myelinated axons,
myelin greatly increases the speed of conduction

Gray Matter

unmyelinated axons and cell bodies


Least numerous/ smallest neuroglia
phagocytes that wonder throughout nervous system and engulf debris

Schwann Cells

myelinate axons in the PNS
do not branch as oligodendrocytes do
may enclose groups of axons

Satellite Cells

surround neuron cell bodies in ganglia (PNS); protects and regulates nutrients for cell bodies in ganglia

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