Human230- Arts as experience chapter 1

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Horizontal Linessuggest repost and stabilityTriadicPrimary colors, or secondary colors, or intermediary colors chosen for the color schemeAerial/Atmospheric PerspectiveThe effect of atmospheric conditions on the color and detail (distinctness) of distant objectsDiagonal Linesimply action, tension, and energyImpastothick layers of paint applied with a palette knifeHuecolorOrganicThe two basic types of shape used in works of art are geometric and...ImitationalismThe theory of art which emphasizes the literal qualities of a work, wherein the elements of art are described and observed isFunctionalismThe theory of art which must have another theory (Aesthetic quality) identified along with it in the #5 Judge: Choose Theory Block. This theory cannot stand on its own in order for the work to qualify as a "work of art":FormalismThe theory of art which emphasizes the formal qualities of a work, wherein the principles of design are described and observed is:WhistlerWhen asked if the stars were beautiful, the artist ____________ responded not bad, but he would have done it differentlyThe creation of a powerful intelligent forceThe foundation of art, which for artists are as old and fundamental as a human need to define itself and explain its world, consist of all statements exceptA technological advancementFor the art student, nature can serve as everything except...nature; cultureIn I Won't Play Nature to Your Culture, feminist artist Barbara Kruger challenges the traditional linkage of women to_______ and men to_________CultureDiary: December 12, 1941, painted by the Japanese American artist Roger Shimomura is an example of using ________ as inspirationJackson PollockWhich of the following artists strongly believed that art should be derived solely from one's inner life and not at all from the external world?Jakson PollockUnlike Picasso, _________ felt that it was far better to work in company than aloneAppreciateThe ability to _______, or to perceive the value or worth of something from a discrimination perspective, is the ultimate reward of understandingnonobjective artJoan Mitchell's Cercando un Ago and Jackson Pollock's Number 19 are both considered examples of _________FormFor many abstract works, such as Pollock's Number 19 the ________ of the works is the defacto subjectAn intensely realistic depictionIn Van Eyck's Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, the content of the painting includes all of the following except _______Form; contentIn the Berlin Museum the ______ consists of the whole of the structure while the _____ conveys the meaning of the designIconographyJan Van Eyck employed the use of complex _______ to reinforce and symbolize an atmosphere of holiness, fertility, and fidelity in his painting of Giovanni Arnolfini and His BrideVisual elementsLine, shape, value, color, texture, space, and time and motion constitute the ________ of artIconographyThe study of themes and symbols is calledTheo Van DoesburgDe Stijl, meaning "the style," is associated with the Dutch painter ________ValueThe lightness or darkness of a colorvalue and contrastAll but one of the following is considered a principle of designformthe how of a work of art --- the general structure and overall organization of a work; also sometimes synonymous with shape in describing three-dimensional worksStyleWhen he said, "you ought to be able to be an abstract expressionist next week, or a pop artist, or a realist, without giving something up," Andy Warhol was referring to _______Art historyFor his composition, Joseph Beuys (after Rembrandt), Glenn Brown's primary source of inspiration was ____both: culture and selfFrida Kahlo's inspiration for the painting The Two Fridas wasLeonardo da Vincithe painter-inventor-sculptor-architect-musician, devoted many pages of his famous notebooks to studies of the grandeur of naturePablo PicassoWhat artist said, "You should constantly try to paint like someone else. But the thing is, you can't! You try. But it turns out to be a botch..."SubjectThe era of modernism has challenged the traditional definition of ________, as evidenced in works such as Joan Mitchell's Cercando un Agosubjectthe "what" of a work of arttimethe fourth dimensionvaluecontrasts between light and darknaturethe native physical worldmediumrefers to the physical components of artgenrescategories of subjects with which artists workculturea society's images, ideas and attitudesstylethe signature look of an artist's workunitygather parts of a composition into a harmonious wholeformthe "how" of a work of artcontentthe "why" of a work all that is contained within a work- the visual elements, the subject matter, and its underlying meaning or themes