State Darwin's three conclusions.
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1- Species vary globally: looked at birds and noticed birds that looked similar to each other, with beaks and everything
2- Species vary locally: He noticed that two species; one lived in Argentina's grassland and the other in a colder and harsher climate.
3- Species vary over time: He also looked at fossil records
1- Patterns in the distribution of living and fossil species tell us how modern organisms evolved from their ancestors
2- Many recently discovered fossils from seires that trace the evolution of modern species from extinct ancestors.
3- Evolutionary theory explains the existence of homologous structures adapted to different purposes as a result of decent with modification from a common ancestor
4- The universal genetic code and homologous molecules provide evidence of common descent
5- The grants have documented that natural selection takes place in wild Galapagos finch populations frequently, and sometimes rapidly and that variation within a species increases the likelihood of the species adapting to and surviving environmental change