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Roaring Twenties/ Great Depression Essay

The Automobile industry has profound effects on life in the 1920s. Besides providing transportation for many, it benefited many sectors of the economy. Name and explain 3 ways the automobile improved our economy.
The automobile improved the economy in many ways. The main thing the automobile did was provide jobs for thousands of Americans. People were now hired to work in factories. Also they were hired to build highways all across the nation. The second thing the automobile industry did was since people now had a job, they were getting paid so they had buying power which created demand. Another impact the automobile industry created was that now people could travel and this expanded tourism everywhere.
Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal promised relief, recovery, and reform. For each one of these promisees, explain who or what the promise was aimed at helping and give and example of a program or act FDR created to fulfill his promise.
The three promises of FDR's New Deal are relief, for the jobless, recovery, for the economy, and reform for preventing another depression. One example of a relief program was his creation of the Civilian Conservation Corp which gave men from ages 18-25 jobs planting trees, building bridges and dams. One example of the recovery program was Agricultural Adjustment Act which was when government paid farmers to not grow certain crops or to destroy them and livestock. One example of the Reform program was the creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which insured depositors' money in banks.
Describe the rising mass culture of the 1920s. Be sure to use specific examples in your explanation.
The 1920 became known as the Roaring Twenties because of the changing culture due to the increased wealth of the Americans. The Harlem Renaissance was when a large number of African American musicians, writers, and artists joined together for the rebirth of the African American culture. Also, buying on credit was a new way for people to buy things without cash. This provided people for going to the movies and fads without needing cash. Prohibition didn't allow the sale of alcohol. People sold it anyway particularly organized crime.
Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl was created due to three factors. The first was drought, second was misuse of land and the third was overgrazing. This made the land unproductive. Also they would have these dust storm which went right through barns and houses. The result of the Dust Bowl was that people moved to California looking for a new life.