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Where does Elizabeth want John to go, and what does she want him to do there?

Salem to tell that Abigail is afraid

What is John's response to Elizabeth's prodding?

he becomes very angry with her

What gift did Mary give Elizabeth?

small rag doll

What was the "evidence" against Sarah Good?

after being refused bread and cider by Mary Warren, she walks away mumbling

Why doesn't Proctor want Mary to go back to court?

because Mary is his servant, and she needs to stay at their house

Why does Elizabeth think abigail wants to kill her?

Because Elizabeth is married to John and Abigail wants John

Why did Hale come to Proctor's house?

To tell john that Elizabeth's name had been mentioned at court

What things are suspicious about Proctor and his family?

Because they haven't been to church and since Elizabeth has been accused of witch craft is even worse

Hale asks Elizabeth if she believes in witches, what is her reply?

She cannot believe it, the Devil may hold a woman's soul but she is good, so she cannot be a witch

One what charge was Rebecca Nurse arrested?

Murdering Goody Putnam's babies

Why does Cheever come to the Proctor house?

business of the court

Explain the significance of the needle in poppet.

Abigail stuck the needle in the poppet portraying that Elizabeth stuck it in her.

What will happen to Proctor if he tries to discredit Abby?

the court won't believe him because Elizabeth is his wife, and he is trying to defend her

Why doesn't Mary want to testify about the doll?

Because Abby will be mad and Abby will tell about their affair

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