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la nonna

the grandmother

il nonno

the grandfather

lo zio

the uncle

la zia

the aunt

la sorella

the sister

il fratello

the brother

la cugina

the female cousin

il cugino

the male cousin

il figlio

the son

la figlia

the daughter

il nipote

the nephew/the grandson

la nipote

the niece/the grandaughter

i genitori

the parents

gli zii

the uncles

le zie

the aunts

i cugini

the male cousins

le cugine

the female cousins

le nonne

the grandmothers

i nonni

the grandfathers / the grandparents

i padri

the fathers

le madri

the mothers

i fratelli

the brothers

le sorelle

the sisters

i figli

the sons

le figlie

the daughters

i nipoti

the nephews/ the grandsons

le nipoti

the nieces/the granddaughters

la famiglia

the family


the man

la donna

the woman

il bambino

the male child

la bambina

the female child

la parente

the relative

i parenti

the relatives

la moglie

the wife

il marito

the husband

il patrigno

the step-father

il fratellastro

the step-brother

la sorellastra

the step-sister

il bisnonno

the great grandfather

la bisnonna

the great grandmother

il suocero

the father in law

la suocera

the mother in law

il genero

the son in law

la nuora

the daughter in law

il cognato

the brother in law

la cognata

the sister in law

lo scapolo

the bachelor


single man


single woman

il vedovo

the widower

la vedova

the widow


to divorce


to seperate





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