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  1. Brusque
  2. auto (Gr)
  3. Obstinate
  4. Homogeneous
  5. Ominous
  1. a composed of similar or identical elements or parts; uniform
  2. b unreasonably determined to have one's own way; not yielding to reason; stubborn
  3. c rough and abrupt in manner or speech; curt
  4. d Of or serving as an omen; threatening or sinister.
  5. e self

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  1. anything given or done to show reverence, honor, or respect; (usually use with do or pay)
  2. deserving punishment, rebuke or censure; blameworthy
  3. noisy commotion, as of a crowd; uproar; confusion.
  4. liveliness; durability.
  5. to be suspended or balanced.

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  1. UnscathedNot injured or harmed.


  2. Redolentsweet-smelling; fragrant; smelling of


  3. Outcasta quantity of food taken or provided for one occasion of eating.


  4. Redressto set right; to rectify or remedy, often by making compensation for a wrong or grievance


  5. Recumbentsweet-smelling; fragrant; smelling of


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