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  1. Disheveled
  2. Assent
  3. Homo (Gr)
  4. Arbitrate
  5. Gale
  1. a disarranged and untidy; tousled; rumpled
  2. b to reach a settlement between parties as an unbiased independent; to decide; to determine
  3. c to express acceptance of an opinion or proposal; to agree
  4. d same
  5. e a strong wind

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  1. incapable of error; never wrong
  2. goods forbidden by law to be imported or exported; smuggled merchandise
  3. to make less intense; to reduce; to soften.
  4. a quantity of food taken or provided for one occasion of eating.
  5. unimportant; trivial

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  1. Multitudea large number of persons or things, esp. when gathered together or considered as a unit;


  2. Amenityfreedom or exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm


  3. Homogeneouscomposed of similar or identical elements or parts; uniform


  4. Prudencethe act of exercising sound judgment in practical matters


  5. Redolentsweet-smelling; fragrant; smelling of