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Presenting the Subject

When a writer identifies who or what their essay is going to be about. This is different depending upon whether or not the readers already know about the subject or not.

Making a Cause-and-Effect Argument

The thesis of a cause and effect essay in which the writer gives their opinion about the cause effect relationship and then proceeds to offer evidence for their opinion.


Writers must consider the opposite point of view and be sure to include it and/or refute it.

Establishing Credibility

When the writer has professional credentials and/or has a logical argument.


Combining ideas and information selected from different texts.

Judging the writer's credibility

Determining whether a text can be trusted.

Evaluating the logic of an argument

Testing the argument of the text to see whether it makes sense.

Reflecting on Challenges and Substantiations to Your Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values

Examining your responses to reveal your own unexamined attitudes, beliefs, and values.

Discourse Community

A group of individuals bound by a common interest; in the of this course term designates your technology.


A prose narrative that is usually long and complex and deals especially with human experience through usually connected sequence of events.


The information literacy formula criteria for evaluating outside sources. (Accuracy, Authoritativeness, Objective, Currency and Coverage)


Placing text within an appropriate historical and cultural framework.

Cause Effect Literary Genre

Texts in which the writers look to the past to ponder why something happened and/or guess as to what is likely to happen in the future.


An imaginary story featuring made up characters and/or events.


A factual story featuring real characters and/or events.


Thinking about one's own thinking or the process of identifying and monitoring one's thinking process.

Metacognitive Reading Process

Thinking about one's own thinking or the process of identifying and monitoring one's thinking process before, during and after reading.


A kind, type, or category of essay marked by distinctive style, form, or content; a term generally used to classify pieces of writing according to their particular social function.


The characteristics that define a genre.


Skills of effective readers include: Conventions, Comprehension, Contextualizing, Interpretation, Synthesis and Evaluation.

Critical Thinking

Active thinking about reading.

Critical Reading

Active reading which involves a purposeful examination of what you have read.

Critical Reading Strategies

Specific strategies for reading critically; that you can learn readily and then apply to the selections in the book as well as to your other college reading.


The steps to the metacognitive reading process (Before Reading: Audit Awareness, Plan; During Reading: Self-monitor, Transfer; After Reading: Evaluate and Reflect)


Naturally; By it's Nature


Threatened by harm or injury


Seeking to destroy all forms and institutions of society and governement, with nothing to take their place


Naturally; by its nature


Threatened by harm or injury


Seeking to destroy all forms and institutions of society and government, with nothing to take their place


A person devoted to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the sense


To characterize as medically or psychologically abnormal


Abnormal conditions or disease identified by an established group of symptoms


Absorbing too much attention; preoccupying


Having good taste or judgment; choosy or particular


Present throughout an entire country or continent or the whole world; epidemic over a large area

Implicated in

Identified as the cause of


False, untrue, lying


The condition of being conquered or under total control


Bad or harmful


An interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons or groups


Puzzling or mysterious


The process by which green plants, algae, and certain forms of bacteria use energy captured from sunlight by chlorophyll to make carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water and release oxygen as a byproduct

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