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  1. conjugal
  2. coterie
  3. demure
  4. eject
  5. denizen
  1. a (v) to evict from property; to throw out or off from within
  2. b (n) inhabitant; one admitted to residence in a foreign country, one who frequents a place
  3. c (n) an intimate often exclusive group of persons with a common interest or purpose
  4. d (adj) modest, reserved, serious
  5. e (adj) of or relating to marriage; matrimonial

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  1. (n) art of effective public speaking
  2. (adj) loosely styled and irregular in measure --esp. for burlesque or comic effect
  3. (adj) enigmatic; mysterious; obscure
  4. (adj) exhausted; no longer fertile; marked by weakness or decadence
  5. (adj) capable of being believed; plausible

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  1. contumely(adj) of or relating to marriage; matrimonial


  2. conversant(adj) having knowledge or experience


  3. credulous(adj) having a mind open to influence, argument, or suggestion


  4. disburse(v) to make public; reveal, proclaim


  5. consanguinity(n) rude language or treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt


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