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  1. cryptic
  2. contumely
  3. pervious
  4. credible
  5. elixir
  1. a (n) rude language or treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt
  2. b (n) cure-all; the essential principle; substance capable of prolonging life indefinitely
  3. c (adj) having a mind open to influence, argument, or suggestion
  4. d (adj) enigmatic; mysterious; obscure
  5. e (adj) capable of being believed; plausible

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  1. (adj) wild, delirious, insane, frantic
  2. (v) to play out; defray; distribute (ex. property by will)
  3. (adj) having knowledge or experience
  4. (v) to make public; reveal, proclaim
  5. (adj) of or relating to marriage; matrimonial

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  1. coterie(n) an intimate often exclusive group of persons with a common interest or purpose


  2. emolument(n) profit arising from office or employment usually in form of compensation


  3. effete(adj) exhausted; no longer fertile; marked by weakness or decadence


  4. consanguinity(n) a close relation or connection


  5. credulous(adj) capable of being believed; plausible