19 terms

Vocab - Set 2

The Nazi militia created by Adolf Hitler that helped him rise to power. Known because of the color of the uniform.
A person working traitorously with an enemy that is occupying his country.
concentration camp
Camps established by the Nazi regime.
The denial of justice and fair treatment by both individuals and institutions in many arenas.
European Jewry
Over 9.5 million European Jews in pre-world war 2 period. By 1948, there was an estimated 3.7 million Jews remaining in Europe.
The destruction of an ethnic or national group of people to the extent that they no longer exist as a defined unit.
The Nazi Secret State Police who were directly involved in implementing the murder of Jews and other Nazi victims during the Holocaust.
A collective term often used for Sinti and Roma communities living throughout Eastern Europe since the 15th century.
The murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators.
A person who is emotionally and physically attracted to individuals of his or her own gender.
Jehovah's Witness
A religious sect that originated in the US and had about 2,000 members in Germany in 1933. Their religious beliefs did not allow them to swear allegiance to any worldly power, making them enemies in the eyes of the Nazi state.
Kristallnacht Pogrom
An organized pogrom against Jews in Germany and Austria.
Tthe political party that emerged in Munich after WWI taken over by Adolf Hitler. The swastika was the party symbol.
A Yiddish word meaning "devastation" used to describe organized, large-scale acts of violence against Jewish communities.
Reich, Third Reich
The official name of the Nazi regime.
A Hebrew word meaning "catastophe," referring to the Holocaust.
Sinti is the name of a nomadic people of Northwestern Europe. They are related to the Roma who live in eastern Europe.
Within the context of the Holocaust, a survivor is someone who escaped death at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators.
visual history testimony
A videotaped account of one person's experiences of life, before, during, and after the Holocaust.