History Alive Chapter 12


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Second Continental Congress
A group of delegates (representatives) that acted as the government for the American colonies.
Common Sense
A booklet that encouraged colonists to declare independence from Britain.
Declaration of Independence
A document in which the American colonists explain their reasons for separating form Britain.
Thomas Paine
The author of the booklet Common Sense.
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence.
July 4, 1776
The date the Second Continental Congress approved and signed the Declaration of Independence.
Difficult to understand
Describe the language that was used to write the Declaration of Independence.
Form an army and organize the colonist for war against the British; Decided that George Washington would lead the army and seek independence from Britain.
Tasks that faced the members of the Second Continental Congress.
What Effect did the booklet "Common Sense" have on American Colonists?
They were afraid to declare they independence.
How did the colonists react to the news that the Declaration of Independence had been signed. (what sort of things did the colonists do?)
They had parades, Fired, Guns and Cannons, had bonfires and rang the church bells.
What were some important ideas that were included in the Declaration of Independence?
All people are created equal, the people have rights that cannot be taken away. when the government does not protect the people the people have the right to change or abolish the government.
The British government spent a lot of money fighting the French and Indian War. This left Britain with many unpaid bills , called ________
Debts, Protest, Acts
From 1763 to 1774, Britain passed several laws called _______
Debts, Protest, Acts
Many American colonists were unhappy with British laws such as the Stamp Acts. Some colonist________ to show that they did not like the laws.
Debts, Protest, Acts
Many colonists became angry because they did not have any representatives in the British government to vote on laws. These colonists thought this was unfair and called it
Taxation without representation
What was the outcome of the French and Indian War?
Britain defeated France and its Indian allies. Britain gained a large amount of land and a large amount of debt.
Why did Britain create the Proclamation of 1763?
To protect the colonists from Native American attacks
Which act was passed by the British Parliament to force colonist to provide British soldiers with food, transportation, and housing.
Quartering Act
How did colonists react to the Stamp Act?
They protested by not using Paper.
Who would have been most likely to refer to the events of March 5, 1770, as "the Boston Massacre"?
an American colonist from Boston
Describe the details of the Boston Tea Party:
Who was protesting the colonies, why were they protesting? They protested the tea act.
The protesters disguised themselves. What did the protesters wear?
the protesters disguised themselves as native americans
Why was the protest called the Boston Tea Party?
It was called the Boston Tea party because the colonists dumped 9,000 lbs of tea into Boston Harbor.
What did the people in England think about the Boston Tea Party?
They were shocked and agreed by the Boston tea party
Britain passed laws after the Boston Tea Party to punish the colonists. What did the colonists call this laws?
The intolerable Acts