Exam 1 - Fall 2019

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What is the CPT code for electrical stimulation attended?
A 97005
B 97010
C 97012
D 97032
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The DoD 2017 guidelines state there is _______ lumbar supports regarding low back pain treatment...and they recommend _____ epidurals as a low back pain treatment. A no evidence for, against B no evidence for, for C evidence for, against D evidence for, forA no evidence for, againstWhat does MIDAS stand for?Migraine disability assessmentWhat does the HIT stand for?Headache Impact TestIn the Teasell 2010 review article on whiplash care what percentage of patients still have neck pain one year after injury? A 0% B 20% C 50% D 90%C 50%The ACP has several guidelines for low back pain. What does the ACP stand for?American College of physiciansBotox neck injections____ whiplash recovery. Aggressive strengthening programs for whiplash ____ recovery. A do not help, impede B do help, impede C do not help, help D do help, helpA do not help, impedeThe NGC recommends ___ and ____ for initial assessment for whiplash patients. A Oswestry and Roland-Morris B NDI and Roland-Morris C VAS and NDI D Oswestry and VASC VAS and NDIFor a grade II WAD what is the recommendation by the NGC for visits per week, weeks, re-exam, etc.3 visits per week for 7 weeks, 12 visits over 4 weeks, 1 visit per week for 4 weeks, and 1 re-exam.Avoiding which of the following food products reduces instance of migraine headache according to the SIGN headache guidelines? A cheese B chocolate C beer D none of the aboveD none of the aboveExercise should be implemented for whiplash patients ___ days after injury. A 1 B 4 C 15 D 30B 4This counts as 2 questions. For a grade I WAD, what is the treatment schedule (how many visits, visits per week, etc.)3 visits per week for 7 weeks, 1 per week for 4 weeks, and 1 re-exam.What is the name of the neck exercise where the patient is prone and they extend their neck backwards to push their IVD more anteriorly? This can be used to help push a herniated disk back in place mechanically. It is _____ exercise.McKenzie exercise.The two most common complications of neck surgery for whiplash are: A metallic taste, excessive salivation B GERD, steatorhea C dysphagia, hoarseness D none of the aboveC dysphagia, hoarsenessRegarding whiplash what does WAD stand for? A whiplash associated disability B whiplash associated disorder C whiplash associated disease D whiplash associated dysfunctionB whiplash associated disorderIn the 2013 review article, for treating cervicogenic headaches what was shown to be best in literature? A cervical manipulation B cervical mobilization C exercise D all 3 togetherD all 3 togetherThe DoD 2017 LBP guidelines recommended ____ Pilates and _____ yoga. A against, for B for, against C against, against D for, forD for, forWhich procedure involves inserting a balloon into a collapsed vertebrae, re-inflating it, and putting in cement? A kyphoplasty B CABG C rhinoplasty D IEAA kyphoplastyCCFT is a neck exercise involving a blood pressure cuff. What does CCFT stand for?craniocervical flexion testWhat is the ICSI evidence level that clinicians should educate patients with low back pain about their condition in addition to providing treatment? A weak B fair C good D strongD strongWhat is the evidence level, according to the ICSI, to tell patients with low back pain to avoid bed rest? A weak B fair C good D strongD strongFor neck pain most research recommends. A just manipulate the neck B just manipulate the thoracic spine C both A and BC both A and BWhich of the following is NOT a NGC risk factor for chronic neck pain? A coexisting low back pain B greater than 40 years of age C volleyball sport activity D worrisome attitudeC volleyball sport activityWhich protein supplement was shown to be anti-catabolic for cancer patients?glutamineWhat is the term for the loss of the desire to eat (as a result the person gets more slender)? This can happen to cancer patients.anorexiaList 3 ways to help improve the appetite of a cancer patient....