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Radial head fracture trivia:

The most common elbow fracture in adults




I Nondisplaced (least severe) II Displaced III Comminuted (most severe)

Med/Surg management for I and II

Sling/splint for 3 days, supervised early ROM, strengthen at 3 weeks

Med/Surg management for III (>30% displacement)

Surgical intervention, immobilization for 12 weeks, ROM and isometrics after immobilization, supination/pronation after 6 weeks

PT management

Ice to v inflammation, heat to ^ extensibility, US, IES for pain relief, TENS; avoid brachialis (!!), gentle transverse friction massage, myofascial release; joint mobs emphasizing increased extension and supination; AROM, gentle stretching strengthening, fxal activities, parent education for their fractured children

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