Trimester 3 EXAM - 2017

Ch. 13-17
The continent with high demand for Southern cotton
The law requiring people to return "runaway" slaves or risk a fine or jail.
Fugitive Slave Act
The South restricted poor whites and African Americans with this tax
Poll Tax
The South restricted poor whites and African Americans with this test
Literacy Test
The South restricted poor whites and African Americans with this clause
Grandfather Clause
The shortage of __________ is devastating to the South during the Civil War
Congress passed the _________ to prohibit the president (Johnson) from removing cabinet positions without Senate approval
Tenure of Office Act
The largest group of Southerners who did not own slaves and had small farms of 50 - 200 acres
Northerners who moved south during reconstruction
MOST slaves did this job on the plantations
Field Hand
Led a group of slaves in rebellion in 1831
Nat Turner
Southern states pass segregation laws called
Jim Crow Laws
What made it a crime to teach slaves to read or write
Slave Codes
The secret route some slaves used to escape North
The Underground Railroad
After the war, Lincoln offered this plan to all white Southerners (except Conf. Leaders)
Ten Percent Plan
The agency that helped Southern blacks with finding jobs and building schools
The Freemen's Bureau
Before the could re-enter the Union, Southern States had to pass the
Thirteenth Amendment
What Amendment says that no states can take away a citizen's life, liberty and property without due process of law.
Fourteenth Amendment
Republicans in Congress override Johnson's veto to rebuild the South during _________ _________
Radical Reconstruction
This former slave was an abolitionist and editor of The North Star newspaper
Frederick Douglas
The author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Harriet Beecher Stowe
When President Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act, he was _____________
Very few states required schools to be "mixed" or
The most common farming in the South after reconstruction. . .
The thirteenth amendment did what?
Freed slaves
A famous white abolitionist who was the editor of The Liberator
William Lloyd Garrison
The violence at Lawrence and Pottawatomie Creek Kansas became known as . . .
Bleeding Kansas
The Lincoln-Douglas debates focused on what issue?
Southerners justified secession by what idea?
State's Rights
Who vowed to "strike terror in the hearts of pro-slavery people"?
John Brown
The SINGLE bloodiest battle of the Civil War
What is the right to have a hearing before being jailed?
Habeas Corpus
What was the strategy that General Sherman used in the Deep South?
Total War
What presidential candidate DID NOT appear on ballots in the South in 1860?
Abraham Lincoln
What Supreme Court decision that said African Americans had no rights and divided the nation even more?
Dred Scott
The first MAJOR LAND battle of the Civil War
Bull Run
The "Peace Democrats" were known as. . .
The South was hoping for help from what two countries?
Britain and France
The Union's plan to defeat the South
The Anaconda Plan
President Lincoln signed the ____ on January 1, 1863
Emancipation Proclamation
The site of the surrender of Lee's army to Grant
Appomattox Courthouse
He assassinated President Lincoln
John Wilkes Booth
These laws made Freedmen feel like they were slaves again
Black Codes
This Amendment assures citizenship to all people born in the USA
Fourteenth Amendment
A plan proposed by Radical Republicans as a rival to Lincoln's 10 percent plan was called
Wade Davis Bill