1954-1975 undeclared war
capital of South Vietnam
capital of north Vietnam
leader of south Vietnam
Ngo Dinh Diem
leader of North Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
Who first controlled Vietnam?
Who took over Vietnam in the 1940's after France was invaded?
Their was a battle between the French and Vietnamese in which Ho Chi Minh led them at ______
Dien Ben Phu
leader who wanted to control everything and bring Korea together
Ho Chi Minh
1954-1960: what did the U.S. do to help the South from Communist
sent advisors and money
This group set themselves on fire to protest
this president increased the number of troops sent to teach strategy from 675 to 16,000
J. F. Kennedy
JFK supported a vietnamese military coup d'etat (overthrow). Who was killed?
Diem and his brother
Tonkin Gulf Incident
US thought it was under attack, but was the result of a radar error.
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Congress gives Prez power to take "all necessary measures to repel any armed attack and to prevent future aggression"
This president kept sending more troops even though we were getting our butts kicked
Operation Rolling Thunder
bombing campaign over North Vietnam, supposed to weaken enemy's ability and will to fight
How did North Vietnamese get supplies
The Ho Chi Minh Trail
prisoner of war (like John McCain)
Carpet Bombing
Method of aerial bombing in which large numbers of bombs are dropped over a wide area.
patient people willing to die. They were farmers by day, fighters at night.
he said "we can see the light at the end of the tunnel"
general Westmoreland
Tet Offensive
surprise attacks on cities all over South Vietnam. The U.S. beat back and Viet Cong was destroyed.
put a spin on what was going on in Vietnam
the U.S. media
People put more trust in this news anchor instead of Johnson
Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite
television news anchor who spoke out against the war on national tv asking "why are we in vietnam?"
Robert McNamara
Secretary of Defense under JFK & LBJ; expanded American involvement in Vietnam. He supported sending more troops
Agent Orange
chemical the U.S. used to destroy plant life in the jungle, but comtaminated drinking water and caused birth defects for those who were contaminated
Mylai Massacre
unarmed vietnammese women and children were killed by U.S. troops. our soldiers went a little crazy
"Peace with Honor"
Nixon's campaign policy of withdrawing from Vietnam, but with honor
policy of equipping and training of the South Vietnamese to fight for themselves. we decreased forces
Pentagon Papers
secret government documents published and leaked by Daniel Ellsberg In 1971; revealed that the u.s. government had misled americans about the vietnam war.
New York Times vs. United States
The Supreme Court ruled that it was possible for the New York Times and Washington Post newspapers to publish the then-classified Pentagon Papers without risk of government censure.
Christmas Bombing
the heaviest and most destructive air raids of the entire war on North Vietnam, civilian casualties were high
1973 Vietnam
settling the war, U.S. will pull out. Last troops left
Cease Fire Conditions
basically we suck and we are pushovers. We took out all our troops and North Vietnam is able to fight the South
1975 Vietnam
North defeated South
number of americans killed