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  1. a whale may live 80 years, an elephant may live 70 years.
  2. fragment
  3. Roasted a chicken.
  4. Fixing Run-Ons
  1. a Using proper punctuation marks and conjunctions, and adding proper pronouns
  2. b Fragment
  3. c a sports magazine in the library
  4. d run-on

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  1. lions sometimes climb trees and nap on the branches.
  2. Fragment
  3. Sentence
  4. Fragment
  5. Fragment

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  1. Example of a FragmentJimmy and I went to the mall to buy some matching hats after we bought the hats we went to the food court to get some pizza.


  2. sentenceSome gardeners raise only flowers others raise only vegetables.


  3. The banana bread sold quickly.Sentence


  4. The phonograph needs a new needle.Fragment


  5. The soldier in the blue uniform.Sentence


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