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  1. sentence
  2. A member of the National Basketball Association.
  3. Missuse of P. Marks
  4. Put the letters into the mailbox.
  1. a Fragment
  2. b Sentence
  3. c "What?,no !"
  4. d lions sometimes climb trees and nap on the branches.

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  1. Fragment
  2. Sentence
  3. Sentence
  4. Some gardeners raise only flowers others raise only vegetables.
  5. both apples and oranges , but not the red ones or the green ones

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  1. Most of the tenants in the organization.Fragment


  2. Whichever is less expensive.Fragment


  3. Conjunctionwords that are used to connect sentence , most common are nor, or, but, and , yet


  4. Vic turned on the radio.Sentence


  5. Run On Sentencelions sometimes climb trees and nap on the branches.