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Presidential succession
The succession of people following after the president by ranking
State of the union address
Presidential speech that sets forth programs and policies that the president wants congress to put into effect as laws
Foreign policy
The gov plan for interacting with other countries of the world
Art of interacting with foreign govs
Written agreements
Postpones carrying out a persons sentence
Forgives a person for their crime
Reducing a persons sentence
Chief executive
Recommend laws to congress, state of the union address, makes budget, uses vetoes on legislation
Commander in chief
Head of armed forces and final say on war plan
Foreign policy leader
Relations, treaties, travel, trade
Judicial powers
Appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges, grant reprieves and pardons
War powers resolution 1973
Requires president to recall troops sent abroad within 60 days unless congress approves them
Formal president qualifications
Native born, 35 years, resident for 14 years
20th amendment
Order of president succession for congress
25th amendment
New president nominates Vice President
Informal president qualifications
White, men, Christian,lawyers, been in office, went to college
Title of most cabinet members
Attorney general
Head of department of justice
Highest ranking US reps in the foreign countries
Official residence and offices if ambassadors in a foreign country
US commercial interests in foreign cities
Department of homeland security
Protects nation against terrorists
Dept. of justice
Enforce laws, public safety, and fair justice
Department of defense
Armed forces
State department
Foreign policy and traveling
Independent agencies
Formed by congress to do specialized jobs
Regulatory commission
Independent agency that has the power to make rules and violators to court
All employees and executive department
Independent agencies
US commission on civil rights
Office of Personal Management
General services administration
Regulatory commissions
Federal election commission
Consumer product safety commission
Securities and exchange commission
National labor relations board
Any behavior that is illegal because it's harmful to safety
Criminal law
Group of laws that define what acts are crimes, intend to protect society as a whole
Civil law
Group of laws that refer to disputes between people, a wide range of personal issues
Common law
Type of law that comes from judges decisions that rely on common sense and previous cases, customary law
Earlier decision
Constitutional law
Based on constitution and on Supreme Court decisions interpreting the constitution
Process by which a person asks a higher court to review trial results
Statutory law
Passed by lawmaking bodies known as statues, most criminal laws, usually majority view
Administrative law
Covers daily law: CPSC
Constitutional law
The rights people have from the amendments
The extent of authority that a court has to hear and decide a case that has properly been brought before it
District courts
Trial courts, original jurisdiction