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Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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What situation does the mariner force his story on a young man?
At a wedding
What follows the ship and seems to be an omen of good luck?
The bird
What terrible thing does the mariner do, and why does he do it?
Shot the bird, no reason
What causes his fellow crew members to become accomplices?
When fog lifts may praise mariner for shooting the bird
What happens to the ship when it nears the equator?
Stuck in still waters
What do the crew members do to signify the mariner's guilt?
Hang bird around is neck
What does the mariner do so that he can cry out when he sees an approaching ship?
Bites arm, and drinks blood
What is creepy about the approaching ship?
Sailing with no wind, tide
What are its crew members doing and what is the result?
Life- Mariner
Death- Crew
What does each crew member do before he falls down dead?
Look at mariner with look of blame and curse him
What does the noise of each soul flying "to bliss or woe" remind the mariner of?
Whiz of the crossbow, direct consequence for shooting albatross
How does the mariner feel about the sea creatures, and what can't he do as a result?
Jealous them, can't pray
What are the dead men doing as they lie on the boat and how long does this last?
Curse liveth in eye of the dead man, 7 days/nights
Describe the way the mariner's love for the sea snakes comes over him
Despised, but struck by their beauty
Whom does he credit for this new feeling
Kind saint
What is he able to do as a result, and what happens to signify the release of his guilt?
Pray, albatross falls off neck
What else is he now able to do, and what gift does he receive from the sky
Sleep, rain
What strange thing do the bodies of the crew do, and how is this possible?
Groan/Start working on the ship, now spirits take over spirit
After the bodies fell down, what caused the ship to go?
Lonesome spirit from south pole
What caused the Mariner to pass out?
Ship stops then it leaps faster and starts moving really fast
Why is the mariner put into a trance while the two spirits are talking
Ship moving too fast
What final thing does the crew do together before the curse is expiated?
Stand together on the ship and glare at him
Where does the gentle breeze take the mariner and his ship?
Back to his country
What does the seraph-band do after coming out of the bodies?
They turn into lights then wave
Why is the hermit the perfect man to shrieve the mariner's soul
The hermit represents nature
What happens to the ship and how does the mariner survive?
Sinks, a pilot's boat comes and saves him
What is the mariner's curse
Tell his story everywhere over the world
What has taken place wile the mariner has been telling his story
In what state does the young man rise the following morning