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The central idea for your speech on "use sunscreen" just will not break itself down into logical divisions. Rather than forget this topic and try to find one that divides more logically, what does your text suggest you do

establish reasons why your central idea is true.

Mary Anne spoke to the local Chamber of Commerce, attempting to influence the members to work together to generate a more hospitable city for tourists. However, the members expected Mary Anne merely to tell them her findings on the city's progress in the last two years. Which of the following statements best pertains to this situation

Mary Anne's problem was in her general speech purpose; she persuaded when she should have informed the audience.

When starting with a broad speech topic such as"basketball," it is necessary to narrow it down because

there is too much research involved in such a broad topic

A properly worded central idea or thesis statement

is a single sentence summarizing your speech

This is considered a critical factor in evaluating Web resources


What is the first step in preparing for an interview with someone about your speech topic

to establish a purpose or objective for the interview

Karl is researching a speech on euthanasia. He knows that there are some excellent journal articles on the subject, but his university's small library doen't carry the journals in which the articles appear. Karl has only a few days until he must give the speech, what should he do

Karl should use a full-text database, like LEXIS-NEXIS, to attempt to locate complete texts of the journal articles.

Searching for logical divisions in a subject is a strategy for

determining your main ideas.

When you find out as much about your audienceʹs needs, interests, and expectations prior to selecting a topic, you are fulfilling which guideline for selecting a topic

consider the audience

The term ʺperiodicalsʺ refers to

magazines and journals.

ʺAt the end of my speech, my audience will understand the basic principle of flightʺ is an example of

a specific purpose.

Lennyʹs speech on rodeos focused on three different events. His central ideas was ʺThe modern rodeo has many interesting events including bronco busting, calf roping, and bull riding.ʺ Lennyʹs central idea could be readily broken down into main ideas based on

logical division of the central idea.

What is the first source of supporting material a speaker should rely upon

her or his own personal experience and knowledge.

Discussing your speech topic with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject is a method of gathering support material known as


Jack used Internet sources for his informative speech about gun control. However, his over-reliance on the National Rifle Association site caused his speech to be slanted in one direction, rather than presenting multiple sides of the issue. Which of the six criteria for evaluating Internet sources did Jack ignore


A figurative analogy is

in the form of a metaphor or simile.

When someone, who is a recognized authority in a specialized area, states his/her opinion, this is considered

expert testimony.

An opinion stated by a reporter about a local tax issue is providing ʺperson on the streetʺ when interviewed by a local television station

lay testimony.

When using brief illustrations, it is often stronger to use

a series of brief illustrations.

Producing word pictures that allow your audience to mentally see, hear, smell, touch, or taste something is a process known as


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