2nd Semester Vocab Final


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Valiant (adj)
very brave or courageous
Obstinate (adj)
refusing to change behavior, ideas; stubborn, implacable
Flout (verb)
to break or ignore (a law, rule, etc) about hiding that you are doing or showing fear or shame; scorn.
Skirmish (n)
a minor argument or disagreement
Transgression (n)
violation of a law, command or duty
Enfranchise (v)
to give someone the legal right to votel to set free
Amorous (adj)
having or showing strong feelings of love
Betrothal (n)
the act of promising to marry someone, an engagement
Canker (n)
something that causes bad things to happen
Shrewd (adj)
showing an ability to understand things and make good judgement
Repent (v)
to feel regret
Commendation (n)
something such as an official letter that praises someone publicly
Enamor (v)
to attract, fascinate or entrance
Disposition (n)
the usual attitude of mood of a person or animal
Perturb (v)
to cause to be worried or upset
Mirth (n)
happiness and laughter
Covert (adj)
hidden secretive, undercover
Zeal (n)
eagerness or enthusiasm
Slander (v)
to make a false spoken statement
Blithe (adj)
happy and without worry
Abhor (v)
to hate or despise
Tedious (adj)
boring and too slow or long
Incite (v)
to cause someone to feel angry or act angry, harmful or violent ways; to cause (angry harmful violent feeling)
Semblance (n)
actually or apparent resemblance
Vanquished (v)
to defeat (someone) completely
Intemperate (adj)
having or showing a lack of emotional calmness or control; uncontrollable
Conjecture (n) (v)
n. an opinion or idea formed without proof or sufficient evidence.
v. to form an opinion or idea without proof or sufficient evidence
Apparition (n)
a ghost or spirit of a dead person
Rancor (n)
a feeling of hatred for someone who has treated you unfairly
Mitigate (v)
to make something less severe, harmful or painful; to ameliorate
Remorse (n)
feeling of being sorry for doing something bad or wrong in the past; guilt
Epitaph (n)
something written or said in memory of a dead person, especially: words written on a gravestone.
Enigmatic (adj)
full of mystery and difficult to understand
Penace (n)
something that you do to show that you are sad or sorry about doings something wrong
Fleer (v)
to laugh, sneer or grimace
Noisome (adj)
very unpleasant or disgusting; noxious
Fetter (v)
to prevent (someone or something) from moving or acting freely
Invincible (adj)
impossible to defeat or overcome
Facetious (adj)
humorous or funny, often inappropriately
Fervent (adj)
having or showing very strong feelings
Eccentricity (n)
an act of habit that is strange or unusual; a quirk
Ardent (adj)
having or showing very strong feelings; fervent
Satiate (v)
to satisfy (a need, desire, etc) fully
Celestial (adj)
of or relating the sky or heavens, ethereal
Fortitude (n)
mental strength and courage
Rankle (v)
to cause anger, irritation or deep bitterness; to feel anger and irritation
Poignant (adj)
causing a strong feeling of sadness
Eloquence (n)
the ability to do something well and in an effective way
Benevolent (n)
kind and genergous
Immutable (adj)
unable to be changed
Sublime (adj)
causing strong feelings of admiration or wonder, astonishing
Facile (adj
simple, superficial
Reprobate (v)
to condemn or reject
Profane (adj)
having or showing disrespect for religious things; sacrilegious
Lassitude (n)
a state of weariness; lethargy; langour
Prognosticate (v)
to foretell from signs or symptoms, predict
Exculpate (v)
to clear from alleged fault or guilt; to exonerate