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duh weduh of duh dai.

Cloud types associated with stable air

ANYTHING BUT CUMULUS. (cirro-stratus, alto-stratus, stratus)

When cold air mass moves into warm air mass/when warm air mass moves into cold air mass


Atmospheric lifting resulting from the convergence of two diff. air mass.

frontal lifting

The temp. to which air must be cooled for saturation to occur

It's dew point

Warm humid air.

Maritime tropical air mass

Air Temp. decreases , relative humidity ...




Clouds occer when moist air is cooled by

Expansion when it rises.

Towering cumulonimbus clouds are a common feature in regions where moist unstable air is heated from below. Such clouds in our region during the summer are produced by...???

Orographic lifting & Convectional Lifting. NOT FRONTAL LIFTING

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