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  1. What subnet and broadcast address is the IP address (/18) a member of?
  2. Additional Cisco Troubleshooting
  3. Given, What are the valid hosts?
  4. What are the valid subnets?
  5. What is the subnet and broadcast address of the host
  1. a .0.1 - .63.254, .64.1 - .127.254, .128.1 - .191.254, .192.1 - .255.254
  2. b The subnet is The broadcast must be
  3. c the subnet is 80.0 and the broadcast address is 95.255
  4. d Tracert, Show ip arp
  5. e 256 - subnet mask = block size; start with 0 and add the block size until the mask value is reached

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  1. 2^x where x is the number of masked bits (or 1's)
  2. A /29 ( has a block size of 8 in the fourth octet. This means the subnets are 0, 8, 16, 24, etc. 10 is in the 8 subnet. The next subnet is 16, so 15 is the broadcast address.
  3. A /29 (, regardless of the class of address, has only three hosts bits. Six hosts is the maximum amount of hosts on this LAN, including the router interface.
  4. Facilitated spanning of large geographical distances
  5. You need 5 subnets, each with at least 16 hosts. The mask provides 16 subnets with 14 hosts—this will not work. The mask provides 8 subnets, each with 30 hosts. This is the best answer.

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  1. You have a network with a subnet of Which are valid host addresses?A Class B network ID with a /22 mask is, with a block size of 4 in the third octet. The network address in the question is in subnet with a broadcast address of Only option E even has the correct subnet mask listed, and is a valid host.


  2. What are the valid hosts in each subnet?The numbers between the subnets and the broadcasts omitting the all 0s and all 1s


  3. Why subnet?Reduced network traffic


  4. 4 Troubleshooting StepsPing (loopback), Ping the local host, Ping Default Gateway (router), Ping remote destination


  5. How many valid hosts per subnet?The numbers between the subnets and the broadcasts omitting the all 0s and all 1s


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