40 terms

exam 2/14/11 #1

glomerlar means pertaining to:
what is a term that means no urin production?
surrounding the urinary bladder
hernia of the tube connecting the kidney and urinary bladder:
scanty urination
x-ray of the urinary tract:
azotemia (urin defiency)
artificial kidney machine:
incision into the kidney for the removal of stones, Incision to remove a renal calculus
protein in the urine:
renal abscess may lead to:
high levels of keytones in the blood can lead to:
urin is held in the bladder:
urinary retention
test that measures the amount of urea in the blood:
blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
surgical crushing of a stone
when urodynamics performed and the physician only interprets the results, what would be the corret modifier?
an instillation procedure of the bladder is performed for treatment of:
bladder cancer
the type of treatment used to treat prostate cancer by placing the radioactive elements directly into the prostate:
urethral dilatation codes are often divided on this factor:
initial dilation, subsequent dilation
endoscopic procedures within the urinary subsection, kidney subheading, are often divided based on this unique factor:
existance of stoma
the term that describes the study of the motion and flow of urin is:
within the male genital system, the greatest numbers of codes fall under what category?
what do the letters in UPP stand for?
urethra pressure profile
when lithotripsy is performed, the patient may be surrounded by:
HPV is commonly associated with:
Genital warts and many different types of cancer
the treatment of genital herpes is directed at:
reducing the duration and frequency of outbreaks
the pathologic outcome of endometriosis includes
when functioning endometrial tissue grows outside the uterine cavity
early diagnosis and promt treatment of PID helps prevent complications including:
peritonitis, septicemia, scarring of the fallopian tubes, obstruction and infertility
in pregnancy, when the placenta is implanted in the lower uterine segment and encroaches on the internal cervical os causing vaginal bleeding, the condition is called:
placenta previa
the first sign of testicular cancer is:
painless lump
the periodic fee for health insurance is commonly called a:
the traditional kind of health insurance wherein patients can choose any provider or hospital they wish and change physicians at will is:
idemnity (fee for service)
the dollar amount that a patient must pay each year befor his/her insurance benefits begin is called a:
most health insurers ask that patients pay a portion of the charge called the:
insurance companies often cap what a patient must pay, which is referred to as the :
out of pocket maxiumum
the form that is most commonly used today for insurance claims is the:
CMS 1500
a __?__ provider is one who contracts with the insurer, agreeing to abide by certain rules and regulations of that carrier.
participating (PAR)
most third-party payers do not pay for medical services that are:
not medical necceasary
when an individual purchases a healthcare policy from a commercial insurer, he she is said to have a/an:
individual policy
medical illnesses or injuries that a patient has prior to the purchase of a health insurance policy are called:
preexisting condition exclusions