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You are the BI developer at Adventure Works responsible for enabling report creation and sharing by business users. Currently, there is an on-premises data warehouse built with SQL Server 2017, and there are some files stored on a shared drive that contain sales targets. The files are updated manually on a weekly basis. All reports need to be refreshed automatically at-least once a day.

Everyone in the organization has a Power BI Pro license. Adventure Works has a hot-desking policy, and all employees must lock their laptops in allocated cabinets.

Some business users would like to be able to create their own reports and share them internally. Only a select group of users must have the rights to share reports externally.

Adventure Works has a separate manager for each product category. One of the reports must be secured in such a way that each manager must be able to see the products of the category they manage only, while the CEO must be able to see all sales. An HR analyst maintains a table that maps the category name to the manager email address.

The management requested your assistance in making sure that business users can create and share their Power BI reports within the organization. Based on background information and business requirements, answer the following question

Business users ask your guidance on how they should configure automatic refresh. Which gateway installation mode is appropriate for Adventure Works?

A. On-Premises Data Gateway
B. On-Premises Data Gateway (Personal Mode)