20 terms

Unit 9 Vocabulary

Water Pollution
pollution of the water in rivers and lakes
the removal of trees
a strip of dry grasslands on the southern border of the Sahara; also known as "the shore of the desert"
Sub-Saharan Africa
The region south of the Sahara Desert in Africa; includes some of the world's richest deposits of minerals, yet still remains one of the largest regions of undeveloped natural resources in the world.
the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert
Rain Forest
a forest with heavy annual rainfall
When spend time producing One thing well Saudi Arabia specializes in producing oil.
human capitol
Skills acquired by labor through education, training, and experiences. Also the value of people's work.
Diversified economy
an economy that does not rely on a few commodities; one that relies on many different things in order to fund the economy
the process of getting into and operating one's own business
Trade barriers
taxes, quotas, and other restrictions on goods entering or leaving a country
African Union
A group of peacekeeping soldiers form various African nations mandated to report violations of cease- fire agreements, atrocities and killings occurring in Sudan in Dafur.
The total quantities that a country can produce
Taxes on imports or exports
Economic development
The improvement of living standards by economic growth.
a ban on trade
Southern African Development Community(SADC)
mixed market
features characteristics of both planned and market economics
Command Economy
An economic system in which the government controls a country's economy.
Pure Market Economy
an economic system with no government involvement so that private firms account for all production