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  1. dupe
  2. disdain
  3. degeneration
  4. demure
  5. destitution
  1. a serious, reserved, coy
  2. b intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt; to reject as unworthy
  3. c a state of decline
  4. d to trick, to fool, to deceive, to cheat
  5. e state of being extremely poor, in extreme want

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  1. showing high spirits
  2. depression, dejection
  3. courteous going along with the opinions or wishes of another
  4. extreme happiness
  5. to intimidate, to dismay

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  1. desecrateto violate the sanctity of something, to profane, to adulterate


  2. effusiona pouring forth (usually overdone in writing or speech)


  3. disinclinationwasteful spending, squandering


  4. docileeasily managed, obedient, passive


  5. dowagerto reduce in dignity or quality