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  1. disavowal
  2. despondency
  3. dexterous
  4. dissolution
  5. duplicity
  1. a depression, dejection
  2. b double-dealing, hypocrisy
  3. c disintegration, decomposition and dispersion
  4. d skillful and active with the hands; manually adroit and skillful
  5. e denial

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  1. moral corruption
  2. to violate the sanctity of something, to profane, to adulterate
  3. a pouring forth (usually overdone in writing or speech)
  4. weakness
  5. serious, reserved, coy

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  1. dimuniondiminishment, reduction


  2. desolateto try to equal or to be like (usually through imitation)


  3. dowagereasily managed, obedient, passive


  4. debaseto reduce in dignity or quality


  5. dauntto intimidate, to dismay