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  1. a disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure
  2. attuning the intellect and will to the demands of God's holiness, chiefly in 3 areas: 1) charity, 2) chastity or sexual rectitude, and 3) love of truth and orthodoxy of faith
  3. Literally "fruitfulness"; an end of marriage and flowering of conjugal love by which children are produced
  4. is sexual intercourse engaged by unmarried people

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  1. ComplementaryRefusing to unveil what should remain hidden; a part of chastity


  2. Modestysexual relations between relations or in-laws within a prohibited degree


  3. RapeUnjust desire to possess in a way that exceeds the limits of reason what is not ours and belongs to another or is owed to him


  4. MasturbationThe emotions or dispositions which incline us to good or evil actions, such as love and hate, hope and fear, joy and sadness, and anger


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