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Schwiizertütsch food 4


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E Saft?
A juice?
Er isst e Tomate.
He eats a tomato.
s Zmorge
the breakfast
Ich läse es Menü.
I read a menu.
Si isst es Ärdbeeri.
She eats a strawberry.
d Tomate
the tomato
Er het es Getränk.
He has a drink.
Si het Durscht.
She is thirsty.
de Saft
the juice
S Zmorge isch nid guet.
The breakfast is not good.
Mir läsed s Menü.
We read the menu.
Ich ha-n-es Getränk.
I have a drink.
Ich ha-n-es Ärdbeeri.
I have a strawberry.
De Maa isst e Tomate.
The man eats a tomato.
S Chind isst e Tomate.
The child eats a tomato,