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  1. Ngaw deem ching fu nay?
  2. You
  3. jeet cow
  4. Hup Yurt
  5. Nay gay see lay yau duck.
  1. a What do I call you?
  2. b "You can come anytime"
  3. c discount
  4. d Yes as a response. Do I need to... Yes "You"
    (No - mmm sigh)
  5. e Contract

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  1. Drop in - Come in
  2. take a quick look, wait quickly
  3. good morning
  4. I will give (as a gift) a discount to you.
  5. "Can I come on Saturday?"
    Time is phrased after the noun, I Saturday...

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  1. Hok FeiTuition


  2. Jeonly (always goes on the end)
    "Hok fi hi say sup bat mun je"


  3. Wong Tai vs Wong SangDo you have any questions?


  4. Jow Wuowill be


  5. gun - "Ngaw yee ga gow gun shur""You can come anytime"


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