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  1. Ngaw whoui sung yut gaw jeet cow bay lay.
  2. Yur Yut
  3. Gei
  4. Nei yau mo tai gaw ngaw dei ge mong jee?
  5. Guy Sick
  1. a I will give (as a gift) a discount to you.
  2. b Have you looked at our website? - Completed action/verb question ..."yau mo VERB gaw"...
  3. c Add to make possessive (His - Kur gei)
  4. d Appointment
  5. e Explain

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  1. "If you sign a 1 year contract"
  2. "Can I come on Saturday?"
    Time is phrased after the noun, I Saturday...
  3. brochure
  4. "If you miss a class"
  5. What do I call you?

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  1. gau yurn shuCurrently teaching


  2. Dough (up) - "Ngaw day nee dough Dough(up) yow gung - "I am teaching now" (shur is extra added to gow for learning)


  3. Jeonly (always goes on the end)
    "Hok fi hi say sup bat mun je"


  4. Yut Chai LayDrop in - Come in


  5. Hok FeiIf