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  1. Guy Sick
  2. But yurt, lay ga yut gaw lay, gnaw haw yee tong nay gong daw dee ga faw ching.
  3. Hok Fei
  4. jeet cow
  5. Yut Chai Lay
  1. a discount
  2. b Tuition
  3. c come together
    adverb comes before the verb
  4. d Explain
  5. e Perhaps, if you have time to come in, I can explain the fees for the programs more.

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  1. Also/all/both - We also have homework.
  2. Can you come back on Sunday? You Sunday can or can't come back?
  3. used in a phrase for "is" "to be"
    ignore in phrase when using adjective (This is very cheap-Nee gaw ho pang)
    If "is not" must use
  4. take a quick look, wait quickly
  5. sit a little while

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  1. You gaw lay yur yut, ngaw haw yee jhun bay yut ga cha see bay nay ga summon jai.If you make an appointment, I can prepare a test for you child.


  2. You gaw nay mmm lay yut tong."You can come anytime"


  3. joe sungood morning


  4. Jow Wuowill be


  5. Nay yau mo mun tai?Do you have any questions?