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  1. joe sun
  2. Nay ha ga lai bye haw yee bow fan.
  3. Nei yau mo tai gaw ngaw dei ge mong jee?
  4. gau gun shu
  5. journg ching(down)
  1. a good morning
  2. b "You can make it up the following week"
    *notice time comes after the noun - Nay ha ga lai bye
  3. c Have you looked at our website? - Completed action/verb question ..."yau mo VERB gaw"...
  4. d brochure
  5. e Currently teaching

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  1. If
  2. Perhaps, if you have time to come in, I can explain the fees for the programs more.
  3. Just
  4. "You can come anytime"
  5. I also want to invite you to come to our center.

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  1. gau yurn shuCurrently teaching


  2. Yur Yutmake appointment (Yur - future/make)
    "Yur Dang" (make reservation - table)


  3. Ngaw deem ching fu nay?What do I call you?


  4. Nay sing kai yut haw yee mm haw yee fan lai nee dough a?"Can I come on Saturday?"
    Time is phrased after the noun, I Saturday...


  5. YouYes as a response. Do I need to... Yes "You"
    (No - mmm sigh)