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  1. gau gun shu
  2. You Gaw
  3. chaw yut chaw / chaw ha la
  4. Nay gay see lay yau duck.
  5. gau jow shu
  1. a sit a little while
  2. b Completed teaching (add la to the end of the phrase)
  3. c If
  4. d "You can come anytime"
  5. e Currently teaching

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  1. good morning
  2. Monday vs Sunday
  3. will/will not
  4. Do you have any questions?
  5. "If you sign a 1 year contract"

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  1. Wong Tai vs Wong SangMrs. Wong - Mr. Wong


  2. tai yut tai, dung yut dungtake a quick look, wait quickly


  3. Yut Chai LayDrop in - Come in


  4. Faw ChingProgram


  5. Jow WuoJust