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  1. 20 to 22
  2. insulin syringe
  3. vascular organs
  4. tip barrel and plunger
  5. elixer
  1. a a sweetened and aromatic solution of alchohol used as a vehicle for medicinal purpose
  2. b for intramuscular injections the gauge is
  3. c this type of syringe has a 100 unit calibrated scale
  4. d liver ,kidneys,and the brain
  5. e the syringe has three parts

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  1. the prefferd site for intramuscular injections for children 1 and up and also adults
  2. a clear or translucent semisolid that liquifies when applied to skin
  3. this type of syringe has a tip that requires the needle to be twisted on to it to avoid accidental removal of the needle
  4. vitamin found in green leafy vegetables that can counteract the effect of an anticoagulent
  5. for subcutaneous injection the gauge would be

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  1. aerosol spray or foamliver ,kidneys,and the brain


  2. 1/2 to 2 inchesfor a subcutaneous injection the needle would be how long


  3. capleta gelatinous container to hold a drug in powder ,liquid or oil form


  4. purity and identitiyphysical and chemical test for


  5. nausea and vomittingdigitalis can have the side effect of