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  1. 3/8 to 5/8 inches
  2. extract
  3. palliative
  4. myocardial contractions
  5. tip barrel and plunger
  1. a relieves the symptoms of a disease but does not effect the disease itself
  2. b the syringe has three parts
  3. c for a subcutaneous injection the needle would be how long
  4. d a concentrated form of a drug made from vegetables or animals
  5. e digitalis increases the the strenghth of

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  1. common sites for intradermal injctions are the
  2. subcutaneous tissue have a poorer blood supply than
  3. a medication mixed with alchohol,oil,or soapy emoliant and applied to the skin
  4. digitalis can have the side effect of
  5. the three most common syringes are the

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  1. aerosol spray or foama liquid powder,or foam deposited in a thin layer on the skin by air pressure


  2. vascular organsrecomended injectionton site for infants 1 year and younger


  3. non luer lokthis type of syringe has a tip that requires the needle to be twisted on to it to avoid accidental removal of the needle


  4. capsulea solid form,shaped like a capsule,coated and easily swallowed


  5. deltoida sweetened and aromatic solution of alchohol used as a vehicle for medicinal purpose


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