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  1. vastus lateralis
  2. insulin syringe
  3. muscle tissue
  4. elixer
  5. 1 inches
  1. a this type of syringe has a 100 unit calibrated scale
  2. b recomended injectionton site for infants 1 year and younger
  3. c a sweetened and aromatic solution of alchohol used as a vehicle for medicinal purpose
  4. d subcutaneous tissue have a poorer blood supply than
  5. e for obese clients the length of the needle for a subcutaneous injection is

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  1. shaft length of ommonly used needles varie from
  2. liver ,kidneys,and the brain
  3. for intramuscular injections the gauge is
  4. vitamin found in green leafy vegetables that can counteract the effect of an anticoagulent
  5. this type of syringe has a smooth graduated tip and needles ar slipped onto it

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  1. subcutaneous and intramusculardigitalis can have the side effect of


  2. purity and identitiyphysical and chemical test for


  3. extracta concentrated form of a drug made from vegetables or animals


  4. 18-28for subcutaneous injection the gauge would be


  5. standard hypodermic,insulin,tuberculinthe three most common syringes are the