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Byzantine Empire, Russia, Mongols World Civ 9 Vocab

Easteren Roman Empire
Or Byzantine Empire, that contined to flourish with Constantinople as its captital
Byzantium/ Constantinople
Capital of Eastern Empire/ Byzantine
Byzantium Empire
Or Eastern Empire, that contined to flourish with Constantinople as its captital
Recoved Eastern Empire. Great Ruler that helped the Empire last longer
Justinian Code
400 years of Roman law oragnized into a single uniform code
Hagia Sophia
most magnifcent chistian church by Justinian
here, citizens could enjoy free entertianment such as wild chariot racing and performing arts
Nika Rebellion
citizens were angry wiht the government. Many rebells gathered in the Hippodrome and damanded to overthrow Justinian. Justinian almost fleed, but he didnt. Insteed, his army came and killed 30,000 of the rebells
Justinians wife that convinced him to stay during the Nika Rebellion
Plegue of Justinia
illness hit Constantinople, 10,000 people were dying everyday. This destroyed a huge percentage of the Byzantine population
Eastern Orthodox Church
The Eastern Church
leading birshop in the East, but still bowed to the king
Religios images used by the Eastern Christians to aid their divotions
Roman Catholic Church
The Western Church
Declearing someone to be an out cast form the church
Saint Basil
Eastern Orthdox missonary who enlightend the Slavs in the 9th century. Worked wiht Cyril
Sait Cyril
Worked with Basil. invented the Slavic language so the Slavs could read the bible in their own tounge
Cyrillic Alphabet
consistes of many Slavic languages including Russian
Introduced to Eastern christianity in the 9th century
Ruler of Kiev. Converted to chrsitian and liked Byzantine ideas
A city in Russia that was first home to vikings and Slavs. A Orthodox city
A city that was Allyed with the Church, was able to challange the Mongols
Ivan lll
Openlly challanged the Monogls. Their armies faced but never fought. "Russias Liberattion"
Ivan lll nick name
Nomadic poeoples that herded domestic animals
nomadic poeple that sought to conquer all of China, under the rule of Genghis Khan
The family name of the leaders of the Mongols
Khanate of the Golden Horde
The Official name of the empire ruled by the Mongols
Genghis Khan
The person who unted the Mongols and made the goal to conquer Chinia. Smart millitary leader
Asian Steppe
Nomads that lived on horse back using their animals for food, clothes, housing and drinks
kinship groups traveling in groups
Pax Mongolia
Mongol Peace. The Mongols granteed safe trade and traveling
Kublai Khan
Ruler of China and the Mongol Empire. Changed the capital to China
Yuan Dynasty
Kublai Khan Dynasty
Marco Polo
left very little information about himself, but he worked for Kublai and loved China