Points: Class 6: Facial Pain, Facial Paralysis

20 terms by lilalovesyou

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Facial Pain: Supraorbital

GB 14
Tai Yang
UB 2
Sj 5

Facial Pain: Maxillary

ST 2
Si 18
Li 20
Li 4

Facial Pain: Mandibular

ST 7
ST 6
ST 5
Jia Chang jiang
Li 4

Facial Pain: Wind-Cold

GB 20

Facial Pain: LV and ST Fire

LV 3
ST 44

Facial Pain: Yin Vacuity Fire

KD 6
SP 6

Facial Pain: chronic needle technique?

supplement points on affected side, shallow insertion and retain needle
drain the healthy side with long retention

Facial Paralysis: Main Local Points

Sj 17
GB 14
Si 18
ST 7
ST 4
ST 6

Facial Paralysis: Main Distal Points

Li 4: command for face and sense organs
use on opposite side

Facial Paralysis: Headache

GB 20
(Sj 17, GB 14, Si 18, ST 7, ST 4, ST 6)

Facial Paralysis: Can't move eyebrows

UB 2
Sj 23
(Sj 17, GB 14, Si 18, ST 7, ST 4, ST 6)

Facial Paralysis: Can't close eyes

UB 2
UB 1
GB 1
Yu Yao
Sj 23
(SJ 17, GB 14, Si 18, ST 7, ST 4, ST 6)

Facial Paralysis: Can't show teeth

ST 3

Facial Paralysis: Deviation of philtrum

Du 26

Facial Paralysis: Mouth awry

Li 19

Facial Paralysis: Can't sniffle

Li 20

Facial Paralysis: Tinnitus, deafness

GB 2

Facial Paralysis: Tender mastoid

GB 12
Sj 5

Facial Paralysis: Long-standing case

Tai Yang: warm needle or moxa
ST 6
ST 4
ST 3
ST 7

Facial Paralysis: cupping

small cups on affected side every 3-5 days
can also needle healthy side (shallow with retention) if
healthy side is stiff

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