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Aortic Arch 1,2,5
Aortic Arch: disappear
Aortic arch 3
Aortic Arch: Common carotid arteries
Aortic Arch 4
Aortic Arch :Brachiocephallic on the right and aortic arch on the left
Aortic Arch 6
Aortic arch :Pulmonary arteries
Ductus Venous
Shortcut in fetus liver for oxygenated blood to enter RA
Forms ligementum venosus
Umbilical vein
Carries oxygenated blood from mother to fetus
Forms ligementum teres in adult
Umbilical artery
Carries deoxygenated blood back to mother
Forms Medial umbilical ligament
Ductus Arteriosus
Joints aortic arch with pulmonary artery
Contracts at birth
Forms ligementum arteriosus