15 terms

Terms of Endearment

These terms of endearment all mean 'my dear, my love, my sweetheart' in English. They are translated literally for the most part. More @ www.frenchetc.org/2011/02/12/endearmentterms/
my apple core
mon trognon
my fawn
ma bichette
my flea
ma puce
my friend
ma mie
my heart
mon cœur
my jewel
mon bijou
my love
mon amour
my dearie
mon chéri
my precious
ma précieuse
my hen
ma cocotte
my soft one (f)
ma douce
my soft one (m)
mon doudou
my sweet puff
mon chou
my sweetheart
mon lapin
my Teddy bear
mon nounours