2nd - 4th WordMasters

25 terms by jjhanash

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Dec. 2008 4th Grade Blue Level WordMasters Vocabulary Words


a scuffle or brawl: to wear away the edges of fabric; to become worn away or tattered: to strain


to tremble; to shake with a slight vibrating motion: a case for holding and carrying arrows


having intensely bright color; bright, distinct, brilliant: active in forming realistic images


fibers or filaments that have been twisted together to form a rope, cord, yarn or cable: the land bordering a body of water; a beach


to push or throw over; overturn or overthrow


wet, drenched, messy: deteriorated, run down


a child whose parents are dead


the rising ground bordering a body of water, especially a river; a hillside or slope: to tilt in making a turn; a place in which money is kept: a set or group arranged in a row


inspiring, stirring, energetic, vigorous


a short stiff hair: to stand out stiffly: to show sudden anger or annoyance; to stiffen


to overturn or cause to overturn


sick to one's stomach; nauseated: easily troubled or sqeamish


a long angry or violent speech usually criticizing someone or something


to become limp or flacid; droop: to feel or show the effects of exhaustion or fatigue


a type of wave motion that travels through air and other elastic materials detectable by human ears; a distinctive noise: in good condition; free from defect or damage: logical and correct: thoroughly, deeply: a long body of water connecting larger bodies of water


one of the sharply pointed ends of a fork or other implement


to scrape or drag the feet while walking; to shuffle; to scrape or roughen the surface


having a feeling of uneasiness; worried: eagerly earnest or desirous


a flower or cluster of flowers; to bloom; to develop and do well; flourish


to be successful; thrive


moving in jumps; jerky: easily upset or excited; nervous


a long stiff feather; a writing pen made from a feather; one of the hollow spines of a porcupine


to grow vigorously; flourish: to make steady progress; prosper


excitable or nervous; frivolous in action or character; capricious or fickle


a very poor person; often one who lives on charity

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