PSYCH Exam 2

What are some clinical manifestations for schizophrenia?
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The following is an example of what type of delusion: Although he barely knows her, Patty insists that Eric will marry her if only his current wife would stop interfering.-ErotomaticThe following is an example of what type of delusion: Larry gives away all his belongings since they won't be of any use when the comet hits.-NihilisticThe following is an example of what type of delusion: Chris says her heart is dead and rotting away.-SomaticThe following is an example of what type of delusion: Brian covered his apartment walls with aluminum foil to block aliens' efforts to control his thoughts.-ControlWhen the mind goes blank, what would this be known as.-Thought blockingSeeing a coat on the coat rack and thinking its a bear would be known as what?-an illusionsWhat does anhedonia mean?-lack of interestWhat does avolition mean?-lack of motivationA schizophrenic patient on the psychiatric unit refuses treatment because he doesn't believe he is sick. This is known as what?-AnosognosiaChild abuse that is deliberate and intentional and includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is known as what?-Acts of commissionWhen the child's basic physical, emotional, or educational needs are not met or when a child is not protected from harm, this is known as what?-Acts of omission or neglectTrue or False. The younger you are the more vulnerable you are to being abused.-TrueWhat are some risk factors for child abuse?-young age (4 and under) -chronic disease -congenital abnormalitiesWhat happens during the tension-building stage of the cycle of violence?-minor incidents such as pushing, shoving and verbal abuse -victim ignores or accept behavior due to fear of escalation (feel like they're walking on eggshells)What happens during the acute battering stage of the cycle of violence?-the tension becomes unbearable and the victim may provoke an incident to get the abuse over with -usually triggered by an external event or by the abuser's emotional stateWhat happens during the honeymoon stage of the cycle of violence?-period of calm -abuser demonstrates kindness and loving behavior and may feel remorseful and apologetic -victim feels needed and loved and hopes for changeWhat are some risk factors for intimate partner violence?-jealousy -male dominance -substance abuse -pregnancyTrue or False. Victims are at greatest risk for violence when they threaten to or actually leave the relationship.TrueWhat are some risk factors for older adult abuse?-dependencyWhat are some key things you should do as a nurse when interviewing a patient that may have been abused?-conduct interview in private -build rapport and trust before asking the serious questions -the interview should be nonthreatening and supportive -ask about ways of solving issues instead of using words like abuse or violence -use the term partner when asking about relationships -don't assume a person's sexual orientationWhat are some common areas you may find bruises, burns, and other wounds at?-head -face -chest -arms -abdomen -back -butt -genitaliaWhat are some S&S of a baby that may been shaken?-respiratory problems -bulging fontanels -retinal hemorrhages -central nervous system damages that result in seizures, vomiting and comaWhat things should you assess with a patient that may be experiencing abuse?-level of anxiety and coping responses -family coping patterns -support systems -suicide potential -homicide potential -drug and alcohol use -maintaining accurate recordsTrue or False. Nurses AREN'T responsible to report suspected or actual cases of child and vulnerable adult abuse.FALSEWhat is something a nurse can do to help a patient going through abuse?-teach them about creating a safety plan that includes a pack bag that is hidden somewhere the persecutor cannot find, transportation, and a destinationWhat are some primary prevention methods for abuse?-reducing stress -reducing the influence of risk factors -increasing social support -increasing coping skills -increasing self-esteemWhat are some secondary prevention methods for abuse?-early intervention in abusive situations -support groups -supportive therapy for reducing stress and depressionWhat are some tertiary prevention methods for abuse?-nurses facilitating the healing and rehabilitative process by counseling individuals and families -providing support groups of survivors -assisting survivors of violence to achieve their optimal level of safety, health, and well-being -legal advocacy programs for survivors