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Etienne Jules Mareybuilt the first camera to use flexible film (paper)George Eastmanintroduced a crude flexible film called celluloidEadweard MuybridgePhotographer and key figure in development of motion photographyZoopraxiscopeprojected a series of images in successive phrases of movement obtained through the use of multiple camerasVaudevillePopular late 1800s and early 1900s stage show featuring songs, dance, and burlesque performancesKinetographInvented by Thomas Edison's assistant W.K.L. Disckson, it was a 35mm camera capable of shooting motion picturesKinetoscopepeep show device for viewing by a single spectatorNickelodeonsArcades with kinetoscopesThomas Edisonbuilt the first film studio - - The Black MariaThe Lumiere BrothersProjected first motion picture for mass audiences on Dec 26, 1895 at the Grand Café in PariscinematographePortable, film processor, Functioned as a projector - created by the Lumiere BrothersActualitesrecording of everyday events as they happenVitascopeEdisons Projector SystemTableauxThe Camera is set up and the action is recorded- no close-ups and camera doesn't moveGeorges MeliesFrench Magician - father of special effects - Trip to the MoonEdwin S. PorterThe Great Train Robbery - 1st film to tell a story and use cross cutting and mobile cameraD.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nationmost racist film ever madeOligopolyan organizational structure in which few firms control most of an industry's production and distribution resourcesIndie FilmsFilms made outside of HollywoodCroonersfirst pop vocalists; including Bing Crosby and Frank SinatraRock and Rollwas a slang term for sexTelegraphAmerican Artist/inventor, Samuel F.B. Morse, conducted extensive telegraph experiments in the 1830sJames Clerk MaxwellTheorized the existence of electromagnetic wavesHeinrich HertzAdvanced the development of wireless communicationGuglielmo MarconiReceived a patent on wireless telegraphy in England in 1896 - Wanted to use wireless technology for ship to ship communicationNikola TeslaInvented a wireless system in 1892 - Deemed inventor of radio in 1943Lee DeForestdevelopment of the Audion vacuum tubeReginald FessendenBuilt high-speed alternator capable of transmitting human voice - Delivered voice broadcast on Christmas Eve in 1906Frank Conradcreated radio station to play music and news for his neighborsBlackface minstrelsyFirst distinctly American theatrical formDan Emmettstaged a concert at the New York Bowery Amphitheatre - white America viewed African AmericansJim Crow A.K.A. Brudder JimHappy, Carefree SlaveMr. TamboJoyous MusicianZip CoonFree slave attempting to rise above his positionThe Welch or Yaller GirlConfused biracial character - Warned against interracial relationshipsScanning DiskSeparated pictures into pinpoints of light that could be transmitted as a series of electronic linesCathode ray tubeCombined principles of the camera and electricityVladimir ZworykinImmigrated to America in 1919 and worked for Westinghouse and then RCA - Invented the IconoscopeIconoscopeFirst TV camera tube to convert light rays into electronic signalsFilo FarnsworthInvented the image dissector - Transmitted the first electronic picture in 1927Anthology dramasBrought live dramatic theater to audiences - Offered new, artistically significant teleplays, casts, directors and sets from one week to the next - "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"