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Classical Conversations - CC

Blood Vessels

Duct or canal holding or conveying blood.


Any piece of tissue making up the skeleton on vertebrates.


Teeth responsible for tearing or shredding.


Bonelike substance covering the root of a tooth.


Part of the tooth visible outside the gum.


Dense tissue forming the bulk of a tooth.


Hard coating of a tooth.


Firm flesh around the roots of teeth.


Teeth responsible for cutting food.


Teeth responsible for grinding.


Part of the tooth connecting the tooth to the gum.

Parotid Gland

Either of the pair of salivary glands situated below and in front of each ear.


Teeth responsible for grinding.


Fiber or bundles of fibers that transmits impulses between the brain or spinal cord and other parts of the body.


The soft, fleshy part of the tooth.


The part of the tooth embedded in the gum.

Sublingual Gland

A complex of salivary glands located int he sublingual fold on each side fo the floor of the mouth.

Submaxillary Gland

A large seromucous or mixed salivary gland located below the mandible on each side of the jaw.

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