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a permanent move to a new location


migration from a location


migration to a location

Net Migration

the difference between the number of immigrants & the number of emigrants


ability to move from one are to another


short term or cyclic movements that occur on a regular basis

Push Factor

encourages people to move out of their present location

Pull Factor

encourages people to move to a location


people who have been forced to migrate from their homes & cannot return for fear of persecution


the area subject to flooding during a specific number of years

Intervening Obstacles

an environmental or cultural feature that hinders migration

International migration

the permanent movement from one country to another

Internal migration

permanent movement within the same country

Interregional Migration

movement from one region of a country to another

Intraregional migration

movement within one region

Voluntary Migration

migrant has chosen to move for economic improvement

Forced Migration

migrant has been compelled to move by cultural factors

Migration transition

changes in a society comparable to those in demographic transition

Wilbur Zelinsky's model of migration

the stage of demographic transition can predict migration

Stage 1 (Wilbur)

high daily or seasonal mobility in search of food rather then permanent migration

Stage 2 (wilbur)

international migration becomes especially important consequence of new technology

Stage 3 & Stage 4 (Wilbur)

in search of economic opportunities shift from urban to suburban

Why did several million Irish migrate in the 1840's?

disastrous economic conditions (potato famine)

The migration transition model predicts that international migration peaks at which stage of the demographic transition?

Stage 2

According to the US committee for refugees, the three largest groups of international refugees are who?

a. Palestinians
b. Iraqis
c. Afghanistan

What is the most important pull factor for migrants to North America today?

economic oportunities

Which factor most often causes voluntary migration?

Economic push & pull factors, cultural, environment

People are forced to migrate primarily because of which factor?

economic (food or jobs)

Why has Russia's program to attract migrants faced difficulty in recent years?

economic problems, fall of communism, they only want russians to enter

What are the three kinds of push factors?

Economic, Cultural, Environmental

What is the most common environmental threat?

lack of water or too much water

1840's and 1850's

from Ireland and Germany
-desperate economic push factors and germans in political unrest


from North Western Europe following a temporary decline during Civil War


Scandinavians, Swedish, Norwegians
-Industrial Revolution


South and Eastern Europe, Italy, Russia, Austria-Hungry

Undocumented immigrants

those who are entering without proper documents

Chain migration

the migration of people to a specific location because of relatives or members of the same nationality previously migrated there

What country is the most popular destiantion for voluntary migrants from Great Britain?

United States

The greatest number of foreign born residents can be found in what country?

United States

Why did most Europeans choose to come to the United States?

economic opportunities

Why did migration to US decline sharply during 1920's?

Quota laws- majority from Europe (against Chinese and Asians)

Where are the most recent immigrants to the US located within the US?

Texas, California, DC, New York

What is the criticism of Mexico's immigration policy?

Double Standard- no one can enter but they can exit

Where does the largest number of legal immigrants to the US come from?


Where does the largest group of illegal immigrants to the US come from?


What is the destination for most undocumented immigrants entering Mexico?

the U.S. border

Describe the effects of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act?

Permitted illegals to become legal residents of the U.S.

In the United States, what is likely to cause all population growth in the next few decades?

Chain migration- relatives joining U.S. residents


maximum limits on the number of people who could immigrate to the U.S. from each country

Guest Workers

citizens of poor countries who obtain jobs in Western Europe & Middle East, only supposed to stay a short time,not entitled to all benefits in the country they are living

What is brain drain?

large scale emigration by talented or smart people
ex: India

Most guest workers head for which part of Europe?

North & West Europe

What was the name commonly given to refugees from Vietnam?

boat people

Has the immigration quota been sufficient to accommodate all people who wish to migrate to the United States in recent years?

No,many more would like in but they can not accommodate everyone


net migration from urban to rural areas

What caused the largest level of interregional immigration in the US?

Settlement of Western Territories

The US center of population has steadily moved in which direction?


What is the current intraregional trend in the US?

west, rural

What is the most prominent type of intraregional migration in the world?

rural to urban areas (counterurbanization)

Why is suburbanization of more developed countries taking place?

because of technology, land & resources


desire to change lifestyle, US mainly

Ellis Island

both New York and New Jersey wanted it, New Jersey got it through previous created boundaries

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