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TKAM Chapters 1-4

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Who is the author of the novel?
Harper Lee
Where does the story take place?
Maycomb County
What accident does Scout mention in the first paragraph?
Jem breaking his arm close to his elbow when he was a young boy.
What is Jem's full name?
Jermey Atticus Finch
What is Scout's father's name?
Atticus Finch
What does Atticus do for a living?
Lawyer in criminal law.
Who is the cook that lives with the Finch's?
What movie did Dill see?
What is Dill's full name?
Charles Baker Harris
How does Calpurnia describe Mr.Radley?
"Meanest man god ever blew breath into"
What is Boo's name?
Arthur Radley
What did Dill challenge Jem to do?
To go and touch the Radley house.
What is the setting of this novel?
in the neighbor hood
at the school
during the summer
all times of the day
What does scout do wrong on the first day of school?
Talks about the Cunninghams, reads and writes.
What is Scout's full name?
Jean Louise Finch
What was Scout's punishment from the teacher?
Half a dozen slaps on the hand & sent to the corner
What is the teachers name?
Miss Caroline Fisher
What does Jem call the new way of learning at school?
Hands on learning.
What does Walter do with his lunch that upset Scout?
Pours syrup all over his food
Who has the cooties in class?
Burris Ewell
What agreement do Scout and Atticus make about school?
Scout can still read & write every night they just wont tell anyone as long as she keeps going to school.
What is the Ewell's school attendance like?
Went the first day of school and never came back.
What is Mr/Ewell allowed to hunt out of season?
That is the only way he can feed his family.
What did Calpurina make that cheered Scout up?
Crackling bread
What is the real way of learning called at school?
Dewey Decimal System.
What is the first thing Scout finds in the tree hole?
2 pieces of gum w/o wrappers.
What has summer come to for the kids?
fixing the tree house
playing games outside
What is the main game the kids play during the summer?
"Boo Radley"
How does Scout end up in the yard?
When she was in the tire she hit the curb and rolled into the yard.
What does Scout hear when she is in the front yard?
A small laugh from the inside.
How did Simon Finch make his money?
Fur trapping
What happened to Scouts Mom? How does Jem feel?
Died of a heart attack, he misses her.
Why does Walter Claim he almost died on the first day of school?
Ate the Radley Pecans.