Science Fusion Unit 1 review

made when people collect information by using their five senses
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she draws a conclusionA scientist is using a scientific method. She studies a table of data she has collected and recorded. What does the scientist do next?conducting an experimentScientists state a hypothesis for each experiment. What is one way that scientists can test a hypothesis?Look at the evidence and see if he can make a new hypothesisA scientist has spent a year conducting an experiment. He concludes that evidence from his experiment does not support his hypothesis. What should the scientist do next?which cup the sugar cube dissolves in firstGia hypothesizes that hot water will cause a sugar cube to dissolve faster than cold water will. She investigates by filling three cups with different temperatures of water and drops a sugar cube in each cup. Which observation will help Gia decide whether her hypothesis is correct?asking a questionSeiji wonders why flowers will not grow in his garden. What part of the inquiry process does this represent?Luis inferred although he did not actually see the cat knock the mitt to the floor but reasoned this was the most likely cause.Luis fed his cat in the kitchen. When he left the mitt was on the table, came back, and the mitt was on the floor.the leaf is about 3.5 cm, has jagged edges, and one pointObservations about measuring a leaf with a cm rulerRachel could use a stopwatch to time how long it takes each ball to roll down the same rampRachel wonders if a heavy ball rolls down a ramp faster than a light ball. Describe an investigation she could do to find out.