Joints can also be called
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Sutures are only between what bonesThe flat bones of skullWhat is a example of sutureParietal sutureBecause sutures are immovable, they are calledsynarthroticWhat is the periodontal ligament?A structure that firmly attaches a tooth to the jawWhat is a example of gomphosisA tooth in a socketWhat joins bones of cartilaginous jointsHyaline cartilagetwo types of cartilaginous joints aresynchondroses and symphysesSynchondroses are what kind of structureTemporary and disappear during growthTwo examples of synchondroses areepiphyseal plates and the joint between the first rib and manubrium.synchondroses do not permit movement so they areSynarthroticTwo examples of symphyses areSymphysis pubis and intervertebral jointsMost joints aresynovial jointsSynovial joints allowFree movement and are called diarthroticSynovial joints consists ofArticular cartilage, a joint capsule, and a synovial membrane